Why do I have heavy or prolonged menstrual periods and how to treat it? – Dr. Shefali Tyagi

This is a very common complaint that many people have. Either they complain of the flow being excessive, if they are used to changing 3 pads, it goes to 6 or 7 or maybe 10 to 20 pads. Or it can also be a prolonged cycle. Instead of stopping in 5 to 7 days, it can do to 10 to 15 or maybe a month or so. In these cases, you have to be in touch with your doctor..
The reason for the heavy period also results in which age group you are. When you are young, i.e till 25 to 30, the most common reason is hormonal imbalance. One of the reasons could be poly cystic ovarian disease, so you need to be investigated for that. Start exercising, lose weight, regularize your cycle and sort out the problem. .
In an older age group, the worry might be that you are harboring some signs of cancer which doctors might have not picked up. So when the ultrasound needs to be done to rule out other problems including cancer. Other problems can be fibroids or adenomyosis which thickens the wall of the uterus or thickened endometrium or lining of the uterus. If none of them is there, then we assume its a hormonal imbalance.
All of these can be sorted by medicine or surgery. If you are overweight, exercise and lose weight. There are other medicines available as well. It could be a contraceptive pill, it can be only progesterone tablets and it can be blood coagulators. .
There is also an option of Mirena which is an intra uterine device. A little hormone is secreted everyday in the lining of the uterus and a majority of women stop with their cycles in six months time. Surgery can be avoided by getting Mirena inserted. .
In case none of these help you and you are in an older age group, hysterectomy can be advised. There are other procedures available before we talk about surgery like thermal balloon and burning the lining of the uterus by heat. If these also don’t work, then you can go ahead and get the uterus removed..
First we have to find the cause for heavy menstrual bleeding and nowadays, with the medicines available, Mirena and other treatments, surgeries have become quite less. There is a misconception that after the bleeding increases month on month, patients think of surgery. Surgery should be the last option as its a major surgery.First you have to seek the opinion of the gynecologist. Under various medication, up to 80 percent of the blood flow can be stopped..

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  1. Hello doctor I’m 31 and I’m going threw the same thing for the first time and I’m really scared. I got a appointment with the doctor to find out what’s happening cause I never had this problem before. 😢😢😢😢

  2. Iam 20 .iam suffering from prolonged period.In every month my periods will be completed in 6-7 days, but this month my periods were prolonged to 10 days.what should i do mam.can you please suggest something.

  3. Maam my daughter is 11 yrs old…and she has heavy bleeding from last 18 days….this is first of periods…i m very afraid about it….what can i do….? She is only 11 yrs. old only.

  4. I want to share to my fellow women how i shrunk my multiple fibroids and heavy bleeding with Dr Aluda herbal medicine on YouTube.all thanks to Aisha Hussaini for directing me to Dr Aluda…

  5. i am 28 and suffering from the prolonged periods it's been 40 days of my painless periods and they are still continue please suggest me something effective its will be great help
    thanks in advance

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  7. Hiii.. I am 20 years old and my periods are still going and it's 10 day alreadyy!! Before that i got less blood flow from 3 4 months!! Can u please tell me what to do?

  8. This is so unbelievable!! How can I ever explain to the world that Dr ALUDA on youtube shrinked my multiple fibroids with his herbal supplement. I feel so happy and excited today..

  9. I'm so happy to get my fibroid remove with out any surgery with the herbal medicine cure treatment from Dr Ehimare on YouTube channel after i contact him!!!!! Thank you very much doctor Ehimare on YouTube channel..

  10. nice ….heavy bleeding ki problem ko door kene k liye mne bhot kuch try kiya fir mne planet Ayurveda ka YASHTIMADHU POWDER try kiya ab meri bleeding normal ha thanks for planet Ayurveda

  11. I m at 24. I was having my periods correctly on time always and there was also not any problem I ever faced. But this time I m facing some problem with my date after completing 4 days also I m getting continue bleeding it's not stopping and it's almost 1 month . Please help me with this issue.

  12. Even I was bleeding for 10days after I got my period after 4 months… I searched the whole internet for home remedies but I didn't find any.. I don't want to take medicines to control it. Lastly my mom told me to take curry leaves paste and after few hours my period stopped..i hope this might help someone who is suffering like me.. If it works for u please share this as many girls suffer from this problem but can't do anything except taking medicines.

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