When to Take Palpitations Seriously and Visit the Doctor? | Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi

Palpitations are nothing but the feeling that your heart is racing or beating rapidly. The Palpitations are common if you are doing some heavy work like Exercising and Sports. But if you are doing nothing and experiencing the Palpitations, then it is a thing that you should not take lightly.

Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Senior Consultant – Cardiology & Director – Electrophysiology at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram explains why it is essential to take Palpitations Seriously and Visit the Doctors for Immediate Treatment.

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32 Comments on “When to Take Palpitations Seriously and Visit the Doctor? | Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi”

  1. 2021 i had panic attacks and hyperventilations all the time… it was the worse year of my life… i was only in bed scared to do anything… every second i checked if my heart was still beating… if continues with panic attacks for 5 months… after that if stopped but till today 2022 i still feel when i go to sleep my heart rate and i feel beat in my throat neck and even back , if i go to work or ru or anything if my heart goes a little faster i can feel it in throat and all chest (i have checked xray,eks,everything and they said its exaety and i dont know what to do noone beleaves me sometimes i even wake up or its hard to go to sleep when u feel of hear heart beats all over ur body…. what can i do…. i dont have any heart problems

  2. sir meri mom ko heart palpitations ho rhi hai last kuch months se. Kabhi kabhi weakness aur chest aur arm pain bhi hota hai last do days se vomiting bhi ho rhi hai. Hamne cardiologist ko bhi dikhaya hai he said ghabrane vaali baat ni hai aur dwaai di hai treatment ki. What else can we do sir?

  3. I only feel palpitaion when I lye on bed bt not in other time…I checked lots of heart bt every thing is fine…bt why there is again palpitaion when I sleep…pls batadijiye

  4. Sir I am having GI problem and now a days I am facing problem like palpitations…2-3 times a day for 1-2 seconds…is it serious..I am 38 years of age..and was prescribed Tab Tryptomer for Anxiety. Please advise

  5. Doctor
    From 2019 I'm having palpitations took ECG ,Eco, treadmill nothing found I have this mostly while sleeping early morning please doctor can you advice what to do next

  6. been drinking all my life( 49 yrs old) , i have suddenly noticed that a couple of beers before bed leads to me waking up in middle of night with racing heart that won't go away for an hour or so, starting to really annoy me. Guess i'm stuck with it, i like my beer.

  7. Sir palpitations happens each time while sleeping and i get up due to my chest start paining after they occur. Sir I'm experiencing this from 1 year.

  8. I’m 29 years old, been experiencing heart flutters, double heart beats and feeling of skipping beats, been having this since last year on and off, it got worst this year started couple months ago where out of no where I felt flutters while laying down, I went to ER (I get anxiety every time I feel something different with my body) I always end up going to the ER, normal ECG EKG NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE No other symptoms just heart flutters they send me home and it continues I even got a chest x ray and it came out normal! . My anxiety gets worst and I get dizzy. A month ago I got a ZIO PATCH! To monitor my heart I had it for 7 days. And in those 7 days I didn’t feel no palpitation, Just waiting on results. My sister swears it’s my anxiety !!! I’m

  9. Feeling high heartbeat for the last 3 days. I went out of breath after night walk over 500 meter and almost fainted. I could feel my leg muscle twitching when the heartbeats faster. I take Disprin 350 mg once in a day

  10. My dad is 44 years old
    He has a little hole in his valve since childhood.
    He has been feeling palpitations in his heart since 3 days now
    He has been taking cold and cough medicines since 20 days now
    He also consulted a cardiologist and got X-rays and EC done… the reports of which were normal
    The palpitations have not yet stopped
    Sir what do we do??

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  12. i'm 23 and i have been experiencing these for 3 full days now and im so uncomfortable and feel like im dying! I don't have chest pain, dizziness, and have not fainted. So far as I know I don't have nay heart conditions. Is this just anxiety? I don't feel like I am more stressed than normal well maybe a little but not like crazy stressed or anxious and im having a hard time. I'm not sure what to do because they last for like 1-2 minutes then go away for a few minutes and then come back and it's been 3 days. I'm so scared and its not helping! My heart rate and pulse are normal though! HELP!

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