Watch Cryotherapy to Treat Chronic Nasal Congestion

Dora suffers from chronic rhinitis with congestion and a runny nose that just never ends. She’s tried sprays, solutions and medications but nothing helps her symptoms. Watch as Dora undergoes a cryotherapy procedure with otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks to freeze her nasal passages. This procedure will help her feel relief from her symptoms from 3-4 years, or maybe even longer.

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41 Comments on “Watch Cryotherapy to Treat Chronic Nasal Congestion”

  1. How tf do we even have this type of issue…like the body is built for breathing…the body is too perfect of a machine to have something like this go awry

  2. @Mariam Hussain 
    Hi am from india, for dust mite allergies, nasal deviated septum, continuous nasal block, sneezing problem and nasal polyps, try this once definetely u will relieve from nose congestion..

    In our india there is an ayurvedha treatment without any side affects you can use that oil atleast once in ur lifetime…
    Then u will definetely recommend the same medicine to other people…

    Oil name :

    1. Kottakal anu tailam – allergy, migraine issue
    2. Kottakal Nasarsas tailam — nasal polyp, sinus, allergy, nasal congestion

    Note : if you had nasal polyp and allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion.

    Definitely try this one time…

  3. Bruh I'm 22 and freaking sinus is literally making it hard to breathe like seriously . I don't go on dates no kore because I have to go outside and try to breathe

  4. Thanks to Dr Ediale on YouTube channel for chasing out cold sore on my mouth with his herbal medicine he sent for me true Korea service. I was suffering from cold sore over many years but thanks to you Dredialeherbalhome for your helping hands in my life.

  5. Thank God that I found this and have been having running nose for almost 13 years. I pray that i will be fine if I do surgery this cause always causes me to feel uncomfortable when sleeping because I snore very bad in the night

  6. I have this problem, when I breathe through left nostril it's always uncomfortable, I feel too much air is in, feel dizzy, and I have to always open my right nostril by sleeping on my left side. This is happening every day.
    Is there a solution 🙏🙏

  7. I’ve had a clogged nose for at least 4 years now and I wish I got cryotherapy to finally get rid of my chronic congested nose.

  8. My issues is the same can’t use I can’t use any saline solution any more and also plain distilled water which is warm doesn’t work anymore. It burns to my head . I need this will help me a lot . Where this treatment is done … thank you
    I really want to contact to get this going please help 🙏

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