Treatment of bradycardia | symptoms of bradycardia | pacemaker | diagnosis of bradycardia |

Treatment of bradycardia | symptoms of bradycardia | pacemaker | diagnosis of bradycardia |

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aaj ke is video mein Maine bataya hai ki bradycardia kya hai bradycardia ke Karan kya hai bradycardia symptoms kya Hai
bradycardia Ko ham Kaise pahchan sakte hain diagnose kaise kar sakte hain aur sath hi Maine bradycardia ke treatment ke bare mein bhi explain Kiya Hai with pacemaker aur without page maker.
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30 Comments on “Treatment of bradycardia | symptoms of bradycardia | pacemaker | diagnosis of bradycardia |”

  1. My heart rate is low then normal and i am feeling little pain in my left side how to imprrove it?i did my ecg yesterday . My age is 36 and i am mother of 2.5year and 5 year old kid

  2. Hello mam, I did ecg ,EKG and holter. Ecg says sinus bradycardia and holter shows minimum heart rate of 38 and maximum was 130. The average heart rate was 59. Pause greater than 2.5 second is 0. Maximum absolute st changes was +2.8 at 4:30 am. I use to do exercise regularly before not now. I haven't experienced black out or fainting. What is the cause ? Do I need to implant pacemaker . I am 33 years old male and 69 kg

  3. mere husband ko ek mahina pehle bada heart atack hoa 2 valve block hoi ek me angioplasty hoi ek mahine se heart ki dawai khate hai EF35% hai aur in ka bp 110/70 ata hai koi masla to nhi is me please batana zarur sweet sister aur plus 59 ata hai ek mint me

  4. Hello mam namaste how are you mam my has 35 he our mam meri hart ret kam he kabhi 41 kabhi 54 ya kbhi60 aise hoti he mam our mam E. C. G tast me itani hoti mam iska kiya karan ho sakta please mam aap betaiye muje kiya karna hoga jise se tik ho jaye doctor ko dikhaya bhot Lakin doctor shab bhi bolte kuch nahi sab normal ab batao mam kiya karu me plese

  5. My age is 29, my pulse is rate is between 50-60. I do intermittent fasting. I do high intensity workout two times a week and also go for a walk in the evening. Can it be that my pulse rate is low because of fasting ?

  6. My dad has high blood pressure … he is taking temsan 40 in d morning n nebivolol 5 in d night … he has pulse rate of 50 /54 …. He has no symptoms… What is the reason … plz reply .. it’s urgent

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