Tonsillitis symptoms and treatment (plus 6 home remedies)

What is tonsillitis? How to get rid of tonsillitis?

This video has some useful information if you are looking for quick home treatments for tonsillitis. Tonsillitis symptoms include:

– Sore throat
– Coughing
– Difficulty swallowing
– White spots
– A high temperature
– Fatigue

With the help of our doctor recommended tonsillitis remedies and tonsillitis home treatments, you may not require tonsil removal. The tonsil removal surgery is called a tonsillectomy and you can find out more by visiting a GP.

Please note: It is important to see a GP urgently or visit A&E if you believe you might have quinsy tonsils.

If you think you are suffering from tonsillitis, you can get a diagnosis by booking an appointment with a GP at

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47 Comments on “Tonsillitis symptoms and treatment (plus 6 home remedies)”

  1. My gratitude goes to Dr Igudia on YouTube who assured me that his natural herbs supplements cures genital herpes Virus permanently and after using his herbs supplements that was the end of my genital herpes virus completely

  2. It’s the bad smell that emits whenever the tonsils shifts or comes out that’s a turn off for me. That thing can smell sha. And some people’s mouth actually smells exactly like tonsils stones

  3. Hello everyone, I’m here to share my great testimony on how I got cured of my genital herpes with the natural herbs I ordered from Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel

  4. This is horrible, it is my 6th day dealing with this, the swallowing is bad it’s so painful every time the only thing that doesn’t hurt at all is cold water, and I have been trying to eat normal foods and man it’s bad, I am heading to the doctor in the morning, this has made me lose sleep I’m in so much pain rn, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

  5. I was diagnosed with herpes disease for 3years and many people told me there is no cure for herpes after I meant dr osaba on YouTube and I use his herbal medicine for 14days I was cured today I’m herpes negative

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  7. I’ve been positive for covid and it’s been almost 4 days and my major symptoms is my tonsils hurts so bad I tried everything gargle with salt drink warm water with honey taking Tylenol with Advil the pain is so bad I can’t swallow my own saliva oh and extreme headache that does not go away 😮‍💨🥺

  8. It’s 2022 I got tonsillitis it Fkn hurts I can’t eat I can’t drink I can’t even swallowing my own saliva it really hurts I can’t sleep and it’s been 8 days this shit is pissing me off

  9. I was able to get rid of the herpes virus with the herbal medication I got from Dr. Osaoji, living with the herpes virus made me realize that herbal medicines are very powerful.

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  11. As a child I get tonsillitis sometimes and I HATE it so I would have to take throat lollies and cold drinks and popsicle but a other way for you to never get tonsillitis is to go to a docter and take them out I haven’t done it yet but my cousin has and he has never had tonsillitis since

  12. It pains a lot.. can't even able to swallow my own saliva…. It hurts a lot… It pains a lot.,. Am starving……my head's r paining severely… I have pain in my ear, throat, mouth, jawline, and head,..,. Even am ready to cut my neck…. that's how it hurts. . I can't even able to cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. I'm 33 and this shit is hitting me hard. First it was a sore throat, then a cold. I thought I was getting better now I can barely swallow without pain. The cold is still there and my throat is flames.

    Tried gargling salt water the past 4 days but bruh, nothing. Time to see a doctor.

  14. I take medication ive changed it three times and after hours I just puke it its literally suffering and all i want is to deink a glass of water and its literally torture i hope everyone heals soon😔❤️🙏

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