The Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

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– Dr. Oz shares some tips that will help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout the day.

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41 Comments on “The Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels”

  1. I moved to Taiwan and instantly within 5 months i gained 45 lbs. I have no frikin how it happened, my tests came back fine only cholesterol and blood sugar are a bit high. I even go to the gym (granted maybe i dont do the exercises right), but still u dont leave the states to gain weight in Asia! aghhhhhhh and yes i do use cinnamon

  2. Exercise every morning before breakfast. I eat steel cut oatmeal w/flax, cinnamon, w/bananas or sometimes w/o it bcz they rot fast sometimes w/ berries, Chammomile tea or Aloe Vera juice every morning for breakfast. Every morning same routine works for me

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  10. The only way to know which foods spike blood glucose is testing after 1 hour of eating them. No point telling people what they should or should not eat because each person’s tolerance for carbs is different. Oats like most grains have too many carbs for someone who has insulin resistance. Why recommend eating 2 meatless meals a week? Meat on moderation does not spike blood glucose especially eaten with fat. Follow a ketogenic/low carb high fat diet for lowering blood glucose.

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