Tea for Constipation Relief | Constipation Home Remedy | Ease Digestion | Removes Toxins From Body

Tea for Constipation Relief | Constipation Home Remedy | Ease Digestion | Removes Toxins From Body

In this video I have shared a recipe of tea which helps in relieving constipation. This home remedy can help encourage a quick bowel movement to relieve short-term discomfort.
However, some of the lifestyle changes can also keep your constipation at bay more permanently like one should drink more fluids, eat more high-fibre foods, should do regular exercise & manage stress.

In this recipe I have used ingredients like ginger, mint, raisins, etc. which are very useful in naturally treating the constipation.
Ginger: Ginger contain natural laxative properties that helps to promote bowel movement.
Mint: Mint and ginger contain powerful enzymes which are very good for the digestive system.The soothing effect of the menthol in peppermint may help to relax an upset stomach while moving stool through the intestines.
Raisins:Raisins are known to contain tartaric acid and have a high fibre content as well. Raisins can have a laxative effect and act as a quick remedy for constipation.
Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds may also relax muscles in the intestines, which can help relieve constipation.
Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds have high fibre content, which boost the activity of gastrointestinal tract. This in turn stimulates enzyme secretion. That is why cumin seeds are used as natural laxative.
Fenugreek Seeds: Consuming fenugreek seeds also aids in digestion and facilitates the bowel movement. Fenugreek seeds also prevent constipation and stomach ulcers that cause a lot of discomforts. These seeds are rich in antioxidants and fibers that clear the body from harmful toxins.

Note: If you’re experiencing chronic constipation or constipation along with other bowel changes, it’s important that you talk with a healthcare professional.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional. We have been following this recipe to get relief from constipation. The sole purpose of this video is to provide information about how one can follow home remedy to get temporary relief from constipation. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.

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  1. You have my maximum respect Dr Igho, and I I will never forget the day I come across your channel on youtube, you are my hero thank you for helping me with your herbal medication that cured my constipation completely, God bless you

  2. I have suffered constipation critically for 2 years , all promises for cure are lies. I finally got cured with herbal medicine I purchased from Dr.OSAKA ON YouTube channel and now I’m completely cured

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  4. Home remedies are always beneficial for digestion system, I have constipation problem for last one year , I easily got relief by trying your home remedies mentioned in video and also taken kabaj mukti capsules from planet ayurveda in daily routine.

  5. when we came to my hometown we don't face any constipation but when I came to my work location city then my family face severe constipation though we fallow same diet as in home town..can you please provide solution for this problem..?
    we suspect it's due to change in water..
    thnx in advance!!!

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