Simple steps to prevent Gestational Diabetes – Dr. Shashi Agrawal

Gestational Diabetes is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, it is defined as altered blood sugars which is developed during pregnancy and they usually correct itself after the delivery. Prevention of GDM is very important to avoid future maternal and fettle adverse outcomes. Generally the high risk patients are those who had GDM in previous pregnancies, elderly pregnant women, PCOS, obese and people with strong family history. Usually in a planned pregnancy, pre pregnancy control few steps can be taken to avoid GDM in future that usually maintaining an ideal BMI by regular exercise, diet and losing weight. During pregnancy usually the GDM develops in second or third trimester though it can also start from the beginning itself. The fine tuning of diet and exercise is required to avoid GDM. It can be ideally done by maintaining ideal weight during pregnancy that is no weight gain about 6 months of pregnancy or total weight gain till 9 months about 4-5 kg is enough. Also high risk patient should go for regular exercises after consulting the doctor, 30 minutes walk per day on most of the days of a week, antenatal exercises as advised by the doctor, they can go for a swim which is good exercise during the pregnancy. Apart from that the diet should be controlled from the very beginning, no extra sugar, white sugar should be completely avoided, rice, high fiber diet should be taken from the beginning as it absorbs extra sugar from the body, it should be low carbohydrate and low fat diet. With this tuning probably the Gestational Diabetes can be put at hold, also regular checkups, good follow up with doctor, sugars should be checked at the first visit at about 6 months and almost every month at high risk case.

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