Say GOODBYE to PERIOD CRAMPS with these amazing remedies!

If you’re someone who suffers through period cramps every month, then suffer no more! Here are a few natural home remedies on how to prevent cramps and get some relief from them too.

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32 Comments on “Say GOODBYE to PERIOD CRAMPS with these amazing remedies!”

  1. me doing the complete opposite of the vid: eats cake and drinks iced coffee(bc cravings) and uses cold compressor (bc my body feels hot) y am i even a woman

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  3. Ok guys I have just a few tips for period cramps
    •Take 1/4th tsp of Bishop's seed (ajwain in hindi) (swallow with warm water) but don't do this at night not after 6 pm
    • When warming with hot water lay on the left side on on your stomach
    • don't have curd,banna,too salty,too cold,oily things for first 3 days to stay away from pain track things which especially affect you these were the things which affect usually everyone.

  4. Ok if it only was for bleeding I wouldve liked periods but no!!
    It comes with other gifts like cramps, moodswings, headache , back pain, thighs hurt like crazy 😢😢

  5. 1st day of period is literally feels like going to be death….to much painful yrrr….😭😭😭😖😖😖mood swings…..

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  8. I hate periods for a few reasons, one I’m non-binary and it’s just a beautiful reminder that everyone thinks I’m a girl. two, it hurts like hell (obviously lmao) and three dealing with it at school is a nightmare

  9. I am leaving a gift to all those who see this comment. Apply Tiger balm or jhandu balm in the stomach and back . It takes 15-20 min to and after that the pain will be gone for 2-3 hours . It’s just like taking painkillers guys. Ladies trust me and do this.

  10. I am having my periods along with period pain , During periods I dont even like to eat food . I am on bed now and suffering from period pain . 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩I hate periods .

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  12. I am very scared of my comes late and my cramps ahh I can't explain …my waist my legs my abdomen ..these all pain a lot…my pain is so so so painful …I always weep 2 or 3 days because of these cramps 🥺🥺

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