Say Good Bye to Irregular Periods Problem | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Are you always tired of being late?

Don’t let your irregular menstruation be a cause of stress and worry. Learn how you can align your internal rhythm with your natural cycle with simple yogic tips. Balance and harmonise your monthly flow!

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49 Comments on “Say Good Bye to Irregular Periods Problem | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra”

  1. Its worked ….thanks mam ……🙏 after 2 month i got my periods within 5 day following only 2 steps yoga and ginger water …so girls dont take stess if you skip your date …just calm down and follow this

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  3. Helpful video… Because I get cured within 2month … N my periods came naturally without any consultation of doctors or any medicines…
    Only the thing works is . Early morning wake up meditation n yoga .
    Go for it … N cure urself naturally

  4. My mensuration is really very irregular.. i don't understand why? .. some time it stop for one month and sometimes it stopped for 3 or 4 month's( i am a teenager 18+) . i haven't contacted to doctor current but I contact doctor last year doctor said that it happened sometimes when you are taking medicines… But currently I am not taking any medicine ..

  5. I have been infected with HSV and HIV for 5 years until I came across dr okosun on YouTube who cured me permanently from HSV and HIV with his herbal supplements

  6. I've been through a serious surgery few months back… it's almost 3-4 months now bt still I'm not getting my periods . My mother suggested that i may have lost more bloods during my surgery so may be

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