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Sadhguru tells about why 50% women suffer from PCOS and other mentrual problems and how to solve the problem with a simple way.

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45 Comments on “Sadhguru – Natural Remedies For Irregular Periods | Mystics Of India”

  1. Thank you sadhguru you talking such things, I tried a lot to understand these kind of girl problem but talking about these things consider as taboo and people fear to be judged..

    Once the sadhguru said today's mens and women's are behaving like seperate species but we are one and problems are with everyone..

  2. You sound so true. Pls request and convince our education minister and prime minister to include yoga and Sanskrit and meditation in the school curriculum . 🙏🏻

  3. What are these certain that has to be done…
    What are the hatta yoga that has to be done…
    Where is it specifically taught for women
    This needs to be answered clearly to actually help and make a difference in women's health

  4. Your every videos are very useful or informative, i had also face same problem and want some home remedies for this & thanks to Planet Ayurveda herbal products, now i am totally fine

  5. I must thank Dr Madida on YouTube that gave me his herpes virus cure early this year because so many people speak great about him and in using cure for 3 weeks as he asked me to and went for several test again and all results confirmed me herpes virus negative. I am so thankful to Dr Madida. My friend used  Dr Madida medicine for her PCOS after seeing me get cure using Dr Madida medicine.

  6. CAC's Panchsakar churna is very effective for acidity patients as it shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, laxative, & analgesic properties. It is a classical herbal churna prepared from ingredients like Shatapushpa,Balaharitaki, Shunthi, Swarnapatri, & Saindhav lavana. It helps in removing all toxins

    from the body & provides good results in Amenorrhea.

  7. Thanks so much for uploading this video, Hata Yoga was actually my cure for irregular periods and I gain so much knowledge from you that I never knew before about reproductive cycle. I love all your videos, helps a lot💖

  8. Lol. NO. This is some sexist bs. In no way is this scientifically or spiritually accurate people. There are so many other factors, especially the toxicity of the environment, food system, and stress. Absolutely horrible misogynist but it makes sense considering the source

  9. Shilpa shetty gave birth to the child at the age of 40plus without any issue because she does only yoga to keep herself fit….so yoga is the ultimate thing to keep us healthy throughout our life…

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