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A Pulse Oximeter is a great tool to help gauge the effectiveness of breathing exercises for increasing oxygen levels and lowering your heart rate. ChoiceMMed’s Pulse Oximeter is simple and easy to use for this purpose. Buy a pulse oximeter at https://amzn.to/3thPfvr (affiliate link)

Here is a simple breathing exercise that’s incredibly easy to do and can be done anywhere!

Just stop whatever you’re doing, and relax. Then take in a slow, deep breath for 5 seconds, and then exhale slowly and completely for 7 seconds. By exhaling longer than you are inhaling, you will more completely empty your lungs and push out all the stale air that tends to stick around if you are a shallow breather. Breath like this for several minutes and you will feel yourself start to relax and send stress packing.

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Pulse Oximeter & Simple Breathing Exercises:

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