Pregnancy Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, and Foods that Help

Pregnancy can cause intense heartburn that can be very persistent. During the first trimester, I had a few bouts of heartburn. However, my heartburn has gotten more intense in the last few weeks.

Pregnant women can experience heartburn for a few reasons. First, hormones relax the sphincters in the digestive system, which can allow back flow of stomach acid.

In addition, as the baby grows, everything will be pushed up a bit to make room for the baby.

In this video, I discuss my heartburn experience, and I also give you my top foods that help to relieve my heartburn.

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37 Comments on “Pregnancy Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, and Foods that Help”

  1. Try mint tea or peppermint tea. It’s not 100% effective but it is definitely helpful at times. Even with extreme severe nausea. Also talk to your doctor about tums and or other actual medications for nausea. Even if you occasionally consume it (I don’t consume the whole pill just 1/4 in an emergency). First trimester peppermint tea is one of the only things that did helped. Some people just eat peppermints. I didn’t take any actual medications the first trimester unless when I went to the ER for fluids they administered some. I didn’t continue with it. I had to stop eating cheese and dairy altogether until late late in my 2nd trimester. Pizza/ spicy foods in my third trimester or marinara has been a no no for acid reflux and heartburn. Anything really really unhealthy in my third.

  2. I just hit 10 weeks and the nausea and heartburn/ acid has increased exponentially. Tums don’t work. Ice cream don’t work. NOTHING. It’s been almost a week of this.

  3. Bananas, apples and most of the common things that should help with reflux are actually triggering mine. I'm full term and on labour watch but really struggling to eat and sleep with the reflux I'm dealing with. It almost feels like early pregnancy morning sickness all over again, except I can't throw up because it triggers braxton hicks. 😫

  4. I'm 9 months and the heartburn is killing me. Tums normally work for me but not so much right now.Gingerale and Sprite works for me

  5. Okay so I don't think what I have is heartburn at all. Everytime I eat, drink ANYTHING, even when I'm just waking up I get the sensation of having to burp so bad, and when I do I get this disgusting burning taste/feeling in my throat! I'm burping uncontrollably as well. I hate it.

  6. Its currently 12am. I went to bed at 11. Started feeling peckish, tried to ignore it because i was TIRED. Finally got up at 11.45 to eat. And at this point i'm not peckish, i'm STARVING like i hadn't eaten all day. A knawing aching hunger. I grab myself a bowl of cereal and meanwhile i start feeling the burn. Like wtf? I JUST ATE. And now i'm sitting up in bed. Tired, wishing i could sleep. 😣😫

  7. Most pregnant women complain about heartburn…. I get the whole GERD/acid reflux package. Burping, belching, gurgling, intense stomach pain, heartburn, nausea

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