Natural Remedies for Heavy Periods / #Periods

Dealing with heavy periods disrupts daily life with fatigue and anemia. There is an Ayurvedic approach to this. Using certain herbs, can reduce the flow and painful cramps, making life much easier without using any pills.

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40 Comments on “Natural Remedies for Heavy Periods / #Periods”

  1. Mam I am 33 yrs old I donot get my periods regular one month with heavy flow and after 2 month it wonot come then the next month with less periods I am fade up with it.pls help me

  2. Hi mam ,i Am matured(1st periods) 3 days back,and on the 1st day somewhat bleeding happened after that no more bleeding happened can u suggest any remedy for that mam plsssssssss

  3. Mam me ek baar fibroid ko remove karne k liye operation karva chuki hu but 3 year baad fir se ye prblm aa gyi he ..muje dr ne fir se operations k liye bola he me kya karu..muje heavy bleeding ho raha he

  4. For those who don't already know heavy periods, fibroids, and infertility are directly related to eating beef, chicken and diary. Cut those foods out and I guarantee results. Stop listening to American Doctors 🎯

  5. thank you so much for this video 🙂 I have a question, on Ashoka, you mentioned twice a day on empty stomach and I was wondering what did you mean? assuming one is before breakfast, but what about the second time? thank you

  6. I used to have really light periods like if I want I could go with one pad for two days but they lasted for seven to ten days but this time I got a little heavy periods with blood clots

  7. This video complements #marisapeer s video on period I found you with the hastag from her video for #period I'm so happy you have actions I can take, Merisa Peers video I will need to keep watching today's just not the day it worked last week not even watching it but yeah I'm going to do ACV right now

  8. Hi Samyuktha , Thank you so much for the remedies. I am on my 12 th day of period which is not stopping but after taking cinnamon drink it helped.But now my doubt is till when I should take and if I keep on taking till next month then, will I get my monthly period 🤔which is irregular from last 3 months.Pls do reply .

  9. i 'am suffering from very low period flow ,i'am suffering from p c o d and taking treatment from endocrinologists on 1yr onwords from astermedicity, cochin,can u tell me any remeady

  10. I have children and I did tublization I have heavy bleeding in periods since last 8 years please any remedy stop my periods permanent plz help i can't go any where during periods 😔

  11. My wife did not have minstruation for 3 months, then i suggested taking fresh serpentina leaves. After 3 days she started having mins, but it did not stop for more than a week, so she decided to stop taking serpentina. But still up to now, more than a month already, she is still bleeding eratically. Any natural remedy uou can give? Appreciate so much, thanks.

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