Mental Health Tips to Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic | MedBridge

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13 Comments on “Mental Health Tips to Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic | MedBridge”

  1. Horrible also is if you have the virus and you're staying in the hospital. You are in a room by yourself and no visitors allowed. The virus is going to cause a cough which will probably keep you up all night so you get very little sleep. I did it and it was a huge challenge.

  2. am so happy to found @eromosele.dr thank for the help with a good man like you and am really so happy that this herpes virus is out of my body if anyone still decided to get help from this good man kindly WhatsApp him +2348052125301

  3. With more and more people in a self quarantined position…it has become a real challenge for them to stay mentally and physically healthy. I too have shared similar tips in my videos to help people cope with challenges they are faced in current times..thanks for uploading such a wonderful video!

  4. Yes, We need hope and we need optimism. Now, the world can be a nasty crazy place out there, we need a lot of courage and we need a lot of resilience after that, and we will fall down before we stand up… What really matters is the silence of the night in our conscience, when we are alone. We cannot control what happens but we can use what happens. We have so much reserves of love and support inside us, if we can just remember that in our mind and move on.

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