Mental Health Tips from People Who've Been There

In which John discusses his difficult week and the mental health tips for social distancing from Partners in Health. You can read the PIH article here:

I also made a printable list of these tips, which you can view here:

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37 Comments on “Mental Health Tips from People Who've Been There”

  1. Hi. I made an easily printable google doc containing all these tips and also some things that I tell myself when feeling scared or overwhelmed:

    The original document, written by Dr. Bepi Raviola, can be found here:

    If you are concerned about your mental health, PLEASE reach out for help. Ask a friend to assist you on the road toward health, or reach our directly to a mental health professional. Lots of them are doing teleconferencing/e-therapy these days. If you live in the U.S., you can learn more here:

    Thanks for being here with us. -John

  2. I found the routine that works for me after 7 months figuring out where my time is going in a day. That took some time, effort, and realization what I can do without triggering a manic/depressive episode.
    There is hope… hope takes forever but worth the wait

  3. Thank you. This was first in my mental health playlist of 14 videos and I watched the playlist many times when I was struggling with depression and anxiety and didn’t know what to do. I had support but to get through the day I used videos like yours. I also loved your book turtles all the way down. Now I feel a lot better with the medication I’m taking and I wanted to thank you for helping me get to where I am now. You helped me get through those tough times

  4. John, you probably (certainly) won't read. I'm in a state right now, the past couple of years, i can't read anything because my mind thinking it's useless and it won't fix my problem. I'm so tired of it… i can't enjoy a good book, a film, an experience. I live in the void of meaningless and it's sucks.

  5. Hi. The vid was so awesome! I have been trying to search for YouTube vid like yours that really teaches the ideas in this YouTube video. The part at 1:03 is smart. Your explanation actually is similar to the videos of this new Dr Ethan! His demonstrations are useful and I really learned a lot for midterms! He is a knowledgable Doctor in Nottingham!

    You should check out his YT out and give the med student a like here! 👉 #DrEthanNews

  6. When the pandemic first became evident to me, one of the first people i thought about was you, John. I've moved away from my obsession with your content over the past few years, but your openness and authenticity about your mental health struggles was always so important to me. I remembered you talking about your anxieties about disease and viruses and pandemics over the last 10 years or so, and imagined how difficult it must be to have one of your worst anxieties realized. I'm thankful and happy for you that are in a much more stable place with your mental health these days, and I am proud of you for all the difficult work you put in to keeping yourself above water. You inspire me a lot. Thank you for always being honest and hopeful with your audience.

  7. Thank you for this. I've been watching vlogbrothers nonstop over the past few days as the realities of the pandemic, our political climate, and years of mental health problems have finally started crashing down on me. Your videos give me hope and help me feel comforted in a way I haven't really felt before.

  8. I just found this video and I feel grateful for it, just to know that there's a youtube personality that has some of the same mental health struggles as me. I've been a germaphobe (and emetophobe) as well as a hypochondriac since I was a kid. I was dxed with anxiety in my late childhood and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder several years later. I've lived in a hell of constant handwashing, keeping meticulous mental track of everything I've touched, everywhere I've been, and everything I've eaten for basically my entire life. To add to that, I've had a gigantic phobia of bereavement (losing people I care about, particularly my mother) since I was a teenager. This world situation is kind of my ultimate anxiety hell.

  9. Taking a bath is one of Aquinas' 5 remedies to sadness, so makes total sense.
    (In case anyone needs help remedying sadness, the remaining 4 are:
    1 Granting yourself something you enjoy. Yes, the greatest thinker in human history said to treat yo self.
    2 Weep. If you hold it all in, it tends to crowd other things out like a weed. You just have to let it out sometimes.
    3 Share your sorrows with a friend. It is not good that man should be alone. That's why we have each other.
    4 Contemplate Truth. That which is true is also good and beautiful.)

  10. John, may i just say that i was feeling terribly down, and useless and exhausted lying on my bed, so i went on my computer and put on the first chapter of tfius read out loud by the author and it never fails to encourage me. The first chapter of tfius is definitely on my top 10 mental health list.

  11. I have been able to find the one cool thing about well, all this: We're living history. Our grandchildren will ask us about the Great Pandemic, and we will tell them stories. Remember those old people in documentaries who lived through historical events and talk about them? We are them now. And that has a degree of cool, don't you think?

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