Is Cycling Bad For Men's Sexual Health? GCN Talks Bo***cks

Does cycling cause erectile dysfunction, penile numbness and prostate cancer in males?

Si recently met up with expert urologist Anthony Koupparis to discuss the impact of cycling on men’s sexual health.

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Does cycling cause erectile dysfunction in males? Is getting a numb penis while cycling a bad thing? And, can cycling lead to an increased risk of getting prostate cancer? In this video, Si put these questions to leading urologist Anthony Koupparis, who gave some very interesting answers around the subject. The video gives mostly good news (we can all let out a sigh of relief) but also highlights some instances where further medical attention would definitely be advised. We hope you can all learn a lot from this video and continue to enjoy riding your bikes.

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39 Comments on “Is Cycling Bad For Men's Sexual Health? GCN Talks Bo***cks”

  1. Thanks Si for a great presentation on a subject that pretty much all men are or should be concerned about. As we get past that all encompassing 50 mark it's really vital to have a check up once every couple of years to every year as time marches on. Research and treatment for prostate cancer has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 30 years and although it led to our father's passing, it's good to know that his sons (i.e. my brothers and I) don't have to suffer the same fate. I've experienced the numbness in the 'undercarriage' while riding my bike on rollers and solved it with a few layers of chamois like soft cloth between me and the saddle. Well done with an important subject!

  2. This ED treatment solution is the most beneficial. The results definitely amazed me. I wasn`t feeling lots of desire however, this gave my drive a boost. My overall performance is a lot better this time. My result is up and I`m observing that I`m thicker. Both of us noticed the differences as compared before. I wouldn`t ask for more than this.

  3. That is why I am learning to ride the scooter instead of the bike because biking makes my ‘privates’ numb afterwards but scooting does not although I have to stand and balance carefully for a prolonged time.

  4. This ED treatment plan is the most effective. From just what I have noticed, the outcome is fantastic. Before I had been lost but now I`ve found my drive again, just like a young blood. My performance is significantly greater this time. My health has build up and I`m noticing that I am getting bigger . My spouse and I also both observed the changes. What else could a guy desire?

  5. I wonder if any ancient civilizations that rode a horse for hours all day long had any problems … also, didn’t lance Armstrong have testicle cancer ? I’m sure it wasn’t coincidence. I’m actually more concerned with the spine posture on the bike… bike manufacturers really need to bring the handle bars up higher

  6. A lecturer came in when I was studying OT and claimed men who cycled developed erectile disfunction. My grandad cycled his whole life and had 5 kids and having been a cyclist for over 10 years I knew she was just a moran. But, to be fair, she was an occupational therapist, so she's in an echo chamber environment that depicts men as inadequate predators anyway so she doesn't know any better.

  7. I remember once I was biking very slowly in the rain. I braked and lightly hit a curb front on. My penis hit the top of my head tube. No serious injury, but I was urinating in pain for like a week or so afterwards.

  8. Most people are not aware of the innovations the recumbent bikes have made along the years, they are finetuned into true perfection these days – recumbents are still heavy underrated unfortunately, but when you experience the true comfort and fun while understanding the philosophy behind this design and performance, it is very hard to go back.. They are the best bikes! When looking at the history of recumbent bikes you will also realize the whole 'normal' bike industry is like a grand scam, selling all kind of frame sizes to supply the misleading demand for butthurt, neck and wrist fatigue.. The UCI never adopted and introduced recumbents to become mainstream, If they would be accepted by them a decade ago it would already been integrated into the masses way more.. The bike speed record was set on the recumbent and undefeated for 50 years in the early days! And short after even to this date, that record is claimed by recumbents hands down and done so with way more comfort and less afford an 'normal' bike is just not able to offer.. Think about the fact that the 'normal' bikes have never really changed for more than 80 years and became the industry standard, that is actually somewhat a sad reality.. Some ignorant group of people called UCI just never wanted to acknowledge what is considered the best of the best and refused to incorporate this recumbent proof of concept into the bicycle sport and media.. People were indoctrinated by the myth 'recumbent bikes are to comfy to be fast and would be for handicapped users' – and like all sheep they don`t eat what the farmer does not provide – Note that the recumbent bikes are made by professional bikers for biking enthusiasts not just for profit and manufacturing efficiency like 'normal' bikes.. The recumbent culture still is a dying breed from they day it was invented – because other big cultures like the 'fixie' community are just too conservative to follow any trends, taking this into comparison because there bikes just do not make sense what so ever and are pure distraction or let say diluting the problem even further, why I can not see the recumbents being adopted for the masses anytime soon either.. Don`t get me started about the grandma and dad`s who put there retirement money into e-bikes these days and race the streets with 25kmpu like they are young again without helmet and think they become fit.. Just learn how to ride your own pace and how to shift for crying out loud!.. Those bikes are overpriced and battery`s don`t last long, prohibit the freedom biking can really offer, charging takes long and those bikes are useless when the battery is empty.. Try doing some cross country on those sellouts is just hopeless to begin with, but still dominate the market because shopping became more doable and it`s cheaper than a car – but then again if convenience would be the motivation something went wrong a long time ago was the whole point of writing this post.. I feel like people who know better need to speak up for those who are blind by themselves, so here is my two cents for raising awareness.. Cheers..

  9. The only times I get a numb penis is when I sit with my leg tucked in and my foot is pressing against the area in between my balls and bum. Got a proper scare when it first happened..

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