The human urinary system comprises of a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, the bladder and the urethra that perform the basic functions of the body like filtering your blood , urine formation and blood pressure regulation.
Infection of any part of the urinary system is known as Urinary tract infection or UTI
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common and painful human illness.
In the United States only , urinary tract infections account for nearly seven million office visits, 1 million emergency department visits, and 100,000 hospitalizations every year. The cost of these infections is significant both in terms of time lost at work and cost of medical care.
Even Hippocrates,( who is considered as the father of medicine)
wrote about this disease that appears to be a type of Urinary tract infection, and wrote that the illness could last for a year before it resolved or eventually worsened to involve the kidneys


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  2. My right flank hurts really bad and I am urinating frequently… I’m to the point of tears tonight because of how frequently I have to pee. I had a long day at work and want to relax… I’m really thinking of calling off of work tomorrow and just going to urgent care…. I have an appt with my doc in a couple of days…. But I’m not sure if I can’t wait that long. This pain is getting to be unbearable in my flank. It doesn’t burn when I pee…. I just can’t hold the pee for too long unless I’m sleep…. Is this common? To have flank pain with UTI?

  3. I have a uti so happy that it’s not super bad honestly and that I’m not the only one it’s so painful I find drinking cranberry juice helps a lot and also drinking lots and lots of water!

  4. Muze bar bar urine jana padata tha ye aadt muze hamesha se thi pr kuch sal se jada bar toilet ko jana pad raha tha kyaki mai is problem se kuch jada hi pareshan tha bohot se dr.s ko bhi dikhaya pr kuch din ke liye aaram milata fir vahi hi dikat chalu ho jati fhir maine youtube pe bohot sare logoke comments padhe Utracon syrup and Utracon capsule ke baremai fhir maine bhi Amazon se use mangvaliya , 1 mahine Mai aaram mila or 4 mahine Mai complete thik ho gaya bohot achh1pa haiah

  5. Hi girls ,
    I am having uti and this shit hurts like somebody stab u with knife i am drinking water after every 20 to 30 min so that it can help i will update u guys okay

  6. Hey guys to prevent the pain while peeing lean forward while holding underneath your stomach. Do this until your done peeing. Hope this helps!

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  8. To anyone watching this who has a uti and wants to know how I cured myself at home here is the answer.

    1. Lower your sugar intake. Bacteria causing the uti feeds off of sugar.
    2. Drink LOTS of water. can’t stress this enough.
    3. If available drink SUGAR FREE cranberry juice. Cranberry juice stops the bacteria from adhering to the bladder/ urethra.
    4. Consider using tea tree oil or lavender. (For women) use 1 oz. of water with 3-4 drops of oil. Both can be used for maximum bactericidal effects. Put mixture on a cotton pad and put it up against your skin(private area) , your underwear will prevent it from falling. Do this overnight until all symptoms are gone.
    5. Considering taking a probiotic. I was taking 120 billion cfu daily.

    Note: I’m not a professional. These worked for me. From start to complete healing my uti was 12 days. My symptoms where pretty severe, I had the urge to pee often and nothing would come out, I had blood in my urine, I had flank pain which could have been the signs of a kidney infection. This is just my own experience. I hope this helps someone.

  9. Its 1am and my mom is suffering from UTI and God it sucks so bad, she's crying rn i feel bad.
    Update : she'll go to the hospital

  10. Ummm I don’t know if I’m gonna sound crazy right now but what I do know is that the urge to pee with just a little or barely coming out is mad uncomfortable . I have a tip but I don’t what you guys are gonna think 😅 Since the pee is a little bit stand up, roll the toilet paper into a roll, put it between your legs then stand up and pee. That actually helps a lot. If it helped you you could let me know. I hope you get better by the way ❤️🤞🏽

  11. This is the 9th tym I am having uti within 5 mnth. Last tym I also visited doctor and had a medicine and it worked bt it happened again plz tell me how to get rid of this for ever and how to treat it at home cuz I am dying

  12. For me it’s feels like I’m about to burst. Kinda feels like your about to squirt. And then when I pee it feels the same way. I hate going to the bathroom just to let out a few drops. My poor bladder is ready for this to be over

  13. Meri beti 2 sal ki hai use pahile urine problem thi pr ab jada hi ho rahi hai usake urine mai jada infection ho gaya hai usaki vajase fever bhi aata hai usako medicine di pr kuch aaram nahi mila usaki khelane ki umar mai usako bimar raha na pad rahai is vajase mai teshion mai thi pr muze pata chala utracon syrup and utracon capsule ke bare mai ye dawa medical mai puch to isake bare unko pata nahi tha ye medicine sirf online Amazon se hi milati hai bache ke liye achi hai ayurvedic hai side effects nahi usako 1 month mai aaram mila or usako continue 4 months complete thik ho gayi ab vo fresh dikhati hai or khelati bhi hai I am happy tx ujavala ayurvedic aashram

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  15. Good afternoon everyone. I didn't know that uti can be this painful, imagine me a grown up crying when peeing, am so sick and stressed. I feel like giving up, am even scared of going to the bath room

  16. Thank you this was informative. I recall watching videos regarding the use of cranberry juice or cranberries. It won’t cure UTI however taking it as remedy or treatment can help prevent it not completely cure UTI, so it’s important to know the real causes of UTI. So what I am already doing is give what my body and mind needs, more veggies and fruits, physical exercise and completely keeping my weight off, and etcetera,

  17. The Clean Water ACT is badly needed to stop UTI infections and cancers. Install copper water lines and a strong filtration system. Treat the water entering and living the filters with sodium hypochlorite. Use a lot of garlic and jengibre when cooking. AVOID Antibiotics!!! Use distilled water and add electrolytes like honey Himalayan, salt, baking soda, 2 lemons, a liter container… Remember our Healthcare system is corrupt, don't have effective laboratories to test our urines and tap water for viruses and bacterias, Lastly do a COMPREHENSIVE STOOL test to find out what parasitic worms you have, if there is one in your state or city…

  18. I was diagnosed with UTI and am feeling very ill. I went to the closest urgent care center instead of going to my regular family doctor. I was given a prescription for Sulfamethoxole. I did the research and I am afraid to take this medicine because my Mom had a sulfa allergy. I have asthma, severe anxiety, and depression. I am so afraid to take this drug. I tried calling the urgent care center back and left two messages for them to get back to me tomorrow. I wonder if it is ok to put off taking this med for a few days until they get back to me? I also wonder if I should call my family doctor as well since he knows me for many years. Any feedback that could help me through these scary few nights would be helpful. In the meantime I can take cranberry capsules, I suppose.

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  20. I have one right now. On toilet dribbling. Just came back from Dr office and they always get negative on test, unless they culture it.
    I am miserable waiting for the antibiotic kicked in trying to figure out how to stop these. It does hurt terribly.

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