How to Stop a Period from Coming | You Need To Know This

How to delay or even skip a period. Sometimes, your period isn’t welcome. Vacation, honeymoon, marathon or whatever. In this video, I’ll tell you how to skip it safely. Make sure to plan ahead, you’ll need some time to prepare.

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About: A quick overview on how to delay your periods, or how to stop it from coming. I teach you how to stop your period using your birth control pill. You can also stop your period if you are using the Nuva Ring. If you are not on the pill or ring, you will need to start it before you can stop your period.

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22 Comments on “How to Stop a Period from Coming | You Need To Know This”

  1. Please can you help me i have white blood rn and when will i have period after 1 month or after 1 week or after 1 day plzzz tell me 😥😥 i am nervous i need to go in the wedding and i don't want to get period help

  2. my fiance bleeding usually at the 28 of the month . so if she start taking the pills you mention now she can prevent it using it 3 week straight? i need her to be without it from the 2 march-16 march . thanks for you video

  3. Please I have IUD in me but my husband is traveling 🧭 at the time am on my period can I take contraceptive pill’s to stop the blood 🩸 please I need an urgent answer 🙏

  4. Hi I just had a period and it ended at the end of last month on the 29. I’m currently on errin birth control pill, progesterone only pill. I stopped taking it for two days so far . I’m trying to just not have my period come this month again at the end of the month because I am getting married on the 22. I want to know should I continue to stay off the last week of pill pack I already stopped taking, OR just jump into a new pack of monthly progesterone pill pack? I am trying to change or control the date in which my period comes or arrives. Does that make since?

  5. I can’t wait to get on the pill and stop my periods altogether! 😁. So done with heavy periods and feeling tired before and during the first two days of my period. Gets in the way of life really don’t have time for it.

  6. my period always come when holidays are over and its about the school time😤 i always have to experience cramps in my school and it hurts so bad🤧 god help me and pls let me get rid of this shit😬

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