How To RELIEVE Sinus Pressure & Unblock A Clogged Stuffy Nose Fast (Home Remedy Demo)

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When the weather gets colder, I tend to get sinus pressure buildup in my head. This can lead to my head feeling heavier and like I have a headache. I’m sure that Many people experience this too. Fortunately, I think this home remedy will help you out significantly, as it has helped myself out.

In case you don’t know what Sinuses are, they are essentially cavities in your skull. Here there is mucous, which can do things like trap dust and moisten the air you breathe. When your sinuses are irritated, it can feel like you have a stuffy nose and have pressure in your head.

To do this home remedy technique I show, first drink a warm cup of tea. This will help moisten up your sinuses and make what I’m about to show you more effective. After this, go up the side of your nose with your thumbs until you feel two ridges. Go beneath those ridges and apply light to moderate pressure. You can go in circles too. Then, take your two pointer fingers and go up your nose to your skull until you feel another ridge. Go just before that ridge and press firmly, but not so that you feel pain.

Doing this home remedy for two minutes seems to apply pressure to the right area to alleviate a blocked nose. After I did this technique, the sinus pressure I was previously feeling I was now relieved of. Try it out for yourself!
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24 Comments on “How To RELIEVE Sinus Pressure & Unblock A Clogged Stuffy Nose Fast (Home Remedy Demo)”

  1. Wow, this amazingly works!!!!! I was suffering with chronic “sinus pressure”, not a clogged stuffy runny nose, but just sinus pressure… I couldn’t sleep without using those unhealthy nasal sprays & steroid sprays. I was skeptical at first, but I tried this anyways.. & my sinuses cleared up!!! After pressing the points for a couple minutes, at first I thought it didn’t work… but like 5-8 minutes later my sinus pressure cleared up!!! I’m so amazed!! THANK YOU!!!🙏🏼

  2. Thanks allot. Sinus pressure is one of the worst feeling ever. I thought my head going to crack. Try Sudafed but that didn't work for me. My head was killing me, I thought I had corona 🥴

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