How To Reduce Stretch Marks | DIY Home Remedies

Stretch marks are as common as getting a zit and a part of almost every woman’s life at some point. They’re caused when skin is suddenly stretched very quickly. So you start off smooth as a silkworm until you’re hit by puberty, pregnancy or even sudden weight gain.

Here’s how to lighten them!

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41 Comments on “How To Reduce Stretch Marks | DIY Home Remedies”

  1. Fatness is main reason for stretch marks so do exercise daily and drink more water or juice early morning more than food liquid is best for health use more vegetables in lunch and dinner do some dance or exercise definitely you will see results

  2. I don’t even know why I have stretch marks bc I’ve always been a skinny kid and they’re mainly on my upper thigh but yeah I just feel self conscious wearing things like bathing suits.

  3. I am gonna start this from tomorrow for 15 days to want to see the results that, seriously I getting rid of my stretch marks or not or they getting fade up or not so I am gonna edit this comment after 15 days

  4. i started getting stretch marks when i hit a huge growth spurt which was very needed, at the age of 12 i was 90 lbs and now im about to be 14 with a weight of 110. stretch marks are always my summer insecurity so hopefully this works 🤞

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  6. To anyone who feels insecure about them, I have stretch marks on my upper thighs and I honestly LOVE them. They look like tiger stripes and tigers are my favourite animal.

    I know it's not easy to love something that society makes you hate, but try accepting it at least. You don't have to go through all these methods of trying to remove them. They are beautiful and so are you.

  7. I was quick to be chubby back in 2020 when quarantine started i started losing weight in 2021 i noticed i got stretch marks on my legs i thought they will eventually leave but it turns out they dont i want a new me this 2022

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