How to Reduce Blood Sugar Level within 7 days NATURALLY

FENUGREEK: Is an herp that may help to treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar ,can use it help lower blood sugar after meals by taking supplements ..

It contains potassium, vitamin B, VITAMIN C, folic acid, calcium, its low calories and high dietary fiber. okra has been suggested to help blood sugar in case of type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

According to studies, its the antioxidant property of amla that makes it useful for diabetic …
the poly-phenol rich fruit actually has properties of high blood sugar
Another study published in the international journal of food and science and nutrition evaluated sugar lowering property of amla in humans.

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  7. Plz anyone can tell how to use fenugreek
    I have diabetic for 4 years I took insulin
    But not controled yet
    My fasting blood sugar level is reading 270

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  16. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for the detailed information.

    I had been taking fenugreek seeds soaked in water for atleast 6 months.

    My fasting blood sugar is still around 140-150 .

    Is it normal or I will have to start medication.

    Occasionally I eat Amla as well but fasting blood sugar is on an average 140- 150.

  17. Guava k leaves subah khaale pait,,,,3/4 smooth leaves ,chbaa k khaayo,,,ussay k diabetes control hota hai,,,,,See video on that topic🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻,Thankew for. This information also

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  19. Thanks for sharing information on diabetes and its natural way to control it. My relative was sick from diabetes and he taken treatment from planet ayurveda health care center. After four months, his blood sugar level (fasting) decreased. He followed balanced diet plan and includes foods in diet that described by you in this video.

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