How to lead a Healthy Sex Life as per Ayurveda? (Men & Women)

How to lead a healthy sex life according to Ayurveda? How often should we indulge in sex? Is it recommended to have sex during periods? What is Ayurveda’s take on oral sex? What are the best practices to improve sex life? How to overcome problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation? What are the precautions to be taken while planning a baby?

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Ayurveda’s take on human sexuality is one of the most misunderstood concepts. To understand, I deeply went through various Ayurvedic texts and was amazed to find out how deeply Ayurveda has commented on this often considered taboo topic. Watching this video till the end you will have a clear idea as to how you should go about your sexual life.

00:39 – Is sex bad? Should all No Fap? What does Ayurveda say?
01:08 – Why the concept of Shukra Dhatu is vital for maintaining healthy sex life?
01:41 – Why problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and infertility are on the rise?
02:21 – How often should we indulge in sex?
03:04 – What time of the day is best for sex?
03:26 – The right age to indulge in sex as per Ayurveda?
03:40 – Can we have sex during periods? What is Ayurveda’s take on it?
04:07 – What are the best practices recommended by Ayurveda for optimum sexual health?
04:12 – Why should we not have sex immediately after eating?
04:27 – Does urinating after intercourse helps in preventing urinary tract infections?
04:37 – Is it advisable to have bath after having sex?
04:40 – Why should Nasya kriya be perfomed after sex?
04:55 – Have this within 30 minutes of orgasm to revive back your system after intercourse.
05:16 – What are the best foods to improve sexual power as per Ayurveda?
05:55 – Foods that weaken the sexual strength
06:05 – Are you looking to conceive? Ayurveda has clear guidelines for the optimum health of mother and unborn child.
06:22 – What are the safe Ayurvedic medicines recommended for sexual strength before planning to conceive?
06:35 – What is the ideal position for copulation, according to Ayurveda, if you are looking to conceive?
06:45 – Simple way to improve sexual strength for men
06:52 – Ayurveda’s perception about sexual intercourse
07:08 – Is it advisable to have sex in pregnancy? What are Ayurveda’s guidelines?
07:23 – Natural contraceptives in Ayurveda

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I wish you good health.
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  1. Kon bolta hai ki Indian Society me Sex Education kabhi bhi nhi di jaati thi??

    Aaj ke time jab jamana advance ho gya hai
    Koi apne bacho ko Gurukul nhi bhejta
    Bharamachari Jeevan nhi pura krta unka bacha
    Fir galat log use porn ke baare me batate hai
    Aur vo Aur Galat raste par chal deta hai..

    Ab ya to Sex Education dena shuru kro ache se schools me hi
    Ya fir Gurukul paratha shuru kro

    Mere jaise kitne ladko ki roz life kharaab ho rhi hai

    Pornography ne dimaag ki Lanka lga rakhi hai
    Gande log use bhi acha bol ke dusro ko behkaate hai😠😠

    Mera saara bachpan kharaab ho gya Porn ke karan
    Ab jawani me bhaut mushkil aa rhi hai
    Ese life nikalti ja rhi hai
    Mujhe sudharna hoga aur dusre ladko ko सुधारना होगा
    मै सुधरूंगा भी पक्का😤😤☺️

  2. Its something that is unfortunately not taught in school or college. So, to all the young folks do take the information in the right spirit because this knowledge is absolutely necessary.

  3. I think best time for sex is the week leading up to the woman's menstruation the sex is very high in drive and the breasts are sore and vagina gets super wet obviously our body trying to tell us something also spring and summer

  4. super as you have done a very good vedic research which will give benefit of mankind of very effective topic,people like you are diamonds to chnge for better world,god bless

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