How to get rid of your racing heart beat instantly

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When you feel your heart beating very quickly or erratically.
It’s can include dizziness, chest pain, palpitation, or shortness of breath.

This can be a sign of a racing heart beat.
If we do not deal with this immediately, it can lead to more complicated health issues.

This video will help you to slow your heart beat, calm your body and mind and bring your heart beat back to normal
Do this immediately whenever you feel like you are having a racing heart beat.

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32 Comments on “How to get rid of your racing heart beat instantly”

  1. Thank you for all these videos! Your instruction on things like clearing my stuffed nasal passage and quickly needing to slow my heart have just been INVALUABLE to me

  2. My mother's heart rate went up to 151. We took her to the hospital. They gave her a drug which is in the family of calcium channel blockers and her heart rate is back to the 70's which is normal. It is important to buy a blood pressure moniter and check your blood pressure and pulse rate everyday. A high pulse rate can lead to stroke, heart attack or an enlarged heart.

  3. Thank u Mr Austin goh.. I'm patient of anxiety and pulse goes to high like 150 .. I'm only 27 years old please help me.. And next time when I'll feel same attake I'll do this exercise

  4. it's so amazing,im corona patient, its been 15days since i got corona virus,due to this,my heart rate goes high,i can't breathe properly i went emergency too,today morning i was so depressed and don't know what to do my hhands and feets were shaking,110 evry min heart rate,so i found this video and had tries,it's magic that my heart rate down quick and hard symptoms were gone,i felt like i can live now,thank you so much for life saving ideas,i did it 4 times a day,i feel fine now ,thank you,your like angel to me,god bless you ❤️

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