How to get rid of a baby's congestion? – Dr. Manish Ramteke

In newborns the congestion of the nose is very normal. That is because the babies have a lot of nasal secretion and also babies usually vomit after feeds. That cause nasal blockage. The best sleeping position or any newborn is on their back, what we call as supine sleeping position. The nasal congestion can manifest in the form of noisy breathing what the parents might notice, like vibrations in the chest, whistling like sound or noisy snoring like sound when the baby breathes. Sometimes it can manifest in the form of whistling like sounds also. Sometimes the treatment of nasal congestion is putting saline nasal drops in the baby’s nose. It can be put as frequently as required and it is very safe. Nasal congestion can be treated with the use of saline nasal drops which can be put at home. Sometimes the nasal congestion is too much and it doesn’t respond to normal saline nasal drops. At that time the baby can be brought to the hospital and the nose can be cleared with the help of a vacuum suction to clear the airway.

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