How to Get Periods Immediately In 1 Day – Home Remedies to get Early Periods fast, Ginger Tea

How to Get Periods Immediately – The Best Way to Start Your Periods Early. Manage irregular periods with simple home remedies. Get early periods and solve the problem of delayed periods by using natural remedies.

1. Ginger Tea – Ginger tea is one of the most powerful tea to get periods on time or early.
2. Papaya – It’s the most effective home remedy available to get early periods.

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48 Comments on “How to Get Periods Immediately In 1 Day – Home Remedies to get Early Periods fast, Ginger Tea”

  1. Ginger is the best gift from God 🙏 i followed the instructions the doctor has instructed to do so, I started taking ginger tea every morning for three days and I have started my period today this morning, thank you very much 🙏 may Almighty God keep on blessing you for me 🙏

  2. trying this today! hoping i get mine soon…. almost a week late! usually my cycle is on time 🙁 im super worried! ill update if it works!

    UPDATE: drank this 2 days in a row and it worked!!! just got my period, it was a week late and I was sooo worried! thank you 😀

  3. Today its January 1 and im 9 days delay I started drink ginger tea yesterday and now im drinking ginger tea with black coffee coz i have this feeling that im preggy i hope it works coz im totally scared of. I'll update if my period come.

  4. so it's around 10pm i think my period is late a week now or more so i will try this tonight and uodate tomorrow morning and drink again in the morning thank youuu

  5. Really i thank you….. Bcz my period was 12 days late….. yesterday i saw this video,and i tried ginger water yesterday itself.. Today i got my period… 👍

  6. Yar ye bhot achi cheez hai please is ko zaroor try kro agr ap k periods late ho rahy hain…… bhot acha hai…….kuch girls k liye ye kuch ghanton main kaam kr leta hai pr mujhy ye peeny k don din baad periods ho gay ……mujhy aik month periods nahi hue thy……..aik cup subha breakfast se pehly or aik cup sony se pehly…….please ap log periods k pain ki wajah se koi medicine na lain ap log green tea pee lain us ki wajah se bhi periods pain khatam ho jata hai……

  7. It worked for me also wow i am also very suprised never tried before. But since i suffer with irregular periods this was amazing for me , didn’t had my period 2 months after my miscarriage and was worried why is not coming and i tried ginger tea yesterday night after 24 h i got my period cramps and period . IT REALLY WORKS!!!

  8. I was 3 days late.. and I drank this ginger tea for 2 days ( 2 times per day) and the next day I get periods dy. And I ate few papayas too. Thanks for the tips!!

  9. Is it okay if I have it without honey?
    Or it's compulsory to add honey?
    Haven't seen my periods for 3 months now I went to see a doctor I'm not preg

  10. I have regular period. This month I am late for 4 days. I am taking ginger tea for two days three time daily. But my Period is not coming. What can I do now?? Plzz help me 😭

  11. It works amazingly…my period was delayed for 20 days .took this drink for 3 days in empty stomach!! After 1 day my period came naturally.. it worked amazingly.

  12. Thank you soo much mam…this helped me…I took this tea for three days at mrng and before going to bed and after three days I got it…. I'm on my period after three months thank you soo much ❤️

  13. From last 1 week ….I started drinking that water every night before sleeping+ I did some yogas nd exercise+….and finally after correct 5 period comes…it's really work…thanks a lot yaar💖….sometimes I add jaggery in that water so that I can easily have that water….jaggery also helps for irregular period….BDW…thankuuu❤😍

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