How to Delay Periods Naturally | Home Remedies to delay periods naturally

This video will take you through the ways to delay periods naturally using natural home remedies. Start these methods before 2 or 3 weeks from the start date of your period and do it 2 or 3 times a day. Please watch the full video to get the full knowledge. Read the detailed article:
a. How to delay period naturally 👇

How to Delay Periods Naturally with home remedies?

b. Watch Web Story 👇

How to delay period Naturally?

c. M2 Tone Syrup for period health 👇

M2 Tone Syrup Uses, Price, Dosage and Side effects | Period Health

d. Shelcal 500 Calcium tablets 👇

Shelcal 500 tablet | Uses, Side-effect, Dosage, and Price

e. Norethisterone tablet for period delay 👇

Norethisterone tablet Uses, Side effects & Benefits | My Personal Review

f. Yasmin Tablets, Birth Control Pill 👇

Yasmin Tablet | Uses and Side effects | Birth Control Pill | Review

g. Primolut N Tablet, Cure Irregular periods 👇

Primolut N Tablet | Uses, Dosage & Side effects of Period Delay Tablet

h. Difference between PCOD vs PCOS 👇

Difference between PCOS and PCOD, Symptoms, Cause and Cure

i. Regesterone Tablet, Complete Details 👇

Regestrone Tablet | Uses, Dosage and side-effects

j. Teenage Period health 👇

Teenage Period: What is Good Period Health, Normal Periods, and Teenage Period Problems

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for information purposes only. We strongly recommend our viewers to consult the doctor before applying any method as discussed in the video.

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39 Comments on “How to Delay Periods Naturally | Home Remedies to delay periods naturally”

  1. Dr. Agboya herbal treatment is very effective and safe in curing herpes virus and other diseases. I was cured of herpes simplex virus through the help of Dr. Agboya herbal medicine on YouTube,

  2. Ummm Maam, My periods are very irregular. I am seeing some red blood spots but it's not proper periods. Please suggest a method to delay it so I can enjoy Holi.

  3. I actually have an event to attend on 16 March. Will it work if i start drinking lemon water and excercising from today? My periods are irregular but it might start in these days

  4. Hlo mam i m periods date are 13 and its always come before 2 days means this tym my periods will come on 11 but I am going to travel that days between 12 to 16 so mam plzz rpl what should i do???which one is best for me can i follow the lemon one???
    Plazzzz rpl

  5. Can I use ACV with water 3 times a day + 1/2hours of exercise 3 weeks before the next period to delay it? Will it work? I want to try it and see if ut workshop… because I have a school trip of 1 week in april, and it's the week I am gonna have my period 😓 and i don't want to. So please rispondere ASAP

  6. I have programs on 7 and 8th January but last time I had my period on 9th December and my period is kind of irregular like it will not happen on the same day but 2/3 days before or after. Will my period be late if I start taking lemon water now or when should I start taking it PLEASE ANSWER I really don't wanna face it on program 🙂

  7. Hey there it's my sisters wedding and you ofc know abt Indian weddings all the rituals before the wedding so my actual period date is on 29th and the same day it's my sisters wedding but before that there are other functions tooo
    so I have to do something so that I can delay my periods soooo if I start drinking lemon juice with water / apple cider vinegar with water from today which is Dec-22 will it delay my periods atleast for a week or 2 ?😭 And I have to take it empty stomach right?
    So 3 times a day which means morning only I have take it empty stomach
    and the rest 2 times I can take it normally na!!

    Pleasee helppp meeee😭😩🥺❤️

  8. Di i got my periods in 2020 Nowadays school are closed so i can rest at home and take time to dismiss the cramps with the help of medicine..and after taking medicine i slept..but when the school with reopened and if i got periods in the school..what should i do…it would be mine first time in school…i got my periods in lockdown only…so please help me that what can i do?? …and one more can i delay my periods if i get periods in boards or any important exam??

  9. Hi visha…
    I'm expecting my next periods on 8th December (Tomo). But I've been taking sysron ncr tablet to delay my periods since 3rd December (as advised by gynac).
    It's 1st time I'm taking pills in life….
    Will it work???

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