How To Deal With Prolonged Periods

Prolonged periods is a common problem that a lot women face! Learn how to deal with it with a few tips!

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31 Comments on “How To Deal With Prolonged Periods”

  1. My period always lasts about 4-5 days but I’m at day 7 and it still hasn’t stopped I’m freaking and really sad idk what to do I don’t want long periods. Is it because I’m working out on my period?

  2. I'm 14, I've only had my period for 2 years- i bleed for around a month Everytime. I'm a heavy bleeder too, on a bad day i have to change every hour. I'm scared to sit down. I'm too scared to go see the doctor or talk to my parents about it, they know but i don't like the conversation. I'm really scared and i don't know what to do.

  3. I used to have my period every other month now it’s every month and prolonged I can’t see my doctor cuz I’m 14 or tell my mom because I find it awkward

  4. I am having my period every 21 days I got my period 6months age now I am almost 13 , today is the first time I am having my period so long (10th day ) usually it last for 7to 8days but this there is very little flow after 6th day is it normal I am really worried about it

  5. Even i faced this so I consulted doctor he suggested me to take one folic acid pill daily within three days bleeding stopped i was very happy. Try this it will definitely help if u r lacking B vitamin in ur body

  6. Heyy guys ,, I am a girl,, I am 12 years old,,on 27 November my periods has started,, It stopped on25 December,, on 15 December go to doctor and he said to me for haemoglobin test,, when I saw the report my haemoglobin falled at 6.2,,,
    Doctor said me that I need blood,, I was so scared,, now mu haemoglobin at 7.8 just 5 days,, If you have also this problem so please don't wait ,, go to doctor,, Thank you ….

  7. Had my period everyday for multiple years. Turned out I had a severe hormonal dysfunction, am infertile and will have to take medication for the rest of my life. BUT I no longer bleed so I am happy😄 moral of the story, go to your doctor if something is really wrong

  8. I have been period for 17 days now I'm so scared and went to doctor my doctor said it was the steroids that I take from last weeks that dermatologist gave me coz my skin problem . gynea doctor gave me pills but it didn't even work i still have my period plz help!!!!!????

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