How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction || Best Health Tips For Men || Dr Rahul Reddy || Androcare Clinic

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction || Best Health Tips For Men || Dr Rahul Reddy || Androcare Clinic

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Dr.G. RahulReddy, Andrologist and Men’s health consultant and Microsurgeon, is the first university-certified Indian doctor to practice exclusive Andrology and Men’s health. He is preeminent for his fantabulous and patient ways to conduct puberty clinics, premarital counseling, andropause clinics, psychosexual counseling, and couple counseling. He is presently the director of ANDROCARE Andrology and Men’s health center.
ANDROCARE is the Best Exclusive Super specialty Andrology And Men’s Health Institute with a highly advanced area of expertise that is of global standards. The facilities and amenities that are offered by us are exclusive with matchless qualities of providing surreptitious, confidential, and reliable care.
Our Mission is to provide comprehensive and confidential medical and surgical care to all andrology problems under one roof in a transparent way.

The range of services offered at ANDROCARE are

Male Infertility Clinic
ERECTILE/Ejaculatory Dysfunction Clinic
Gynaecomastia clinic
Testicular pain clinic
Puberty clinic
Prostate clinic
Andropause clinic

For Appointment : +91 72074 50778.

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  2. majority ivf clinics avoid male infertility treatments. need of resources development for male infertility. experienced andrologiests like you to improve the resources by way of elearning modules creations for professionals.

  3. Hello sir I have some problem like tight fire skin and ejuculate fastly with in 30 sec to 1 min any solution for that is tight fore skin is responsible for pre mature ejuculate please reply me sir

  4. diagnosed with ED has been a major lost of money and has caused major problems in my immune system,but when I came across Dr osaye and he recommended his herbal medicine I got completely cured of Ed

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  6. hello Dr am Isaiah from south Sudan I had being episode of ED over the past three year same time I can erect well and same time fail to erect may u help me fixed am 31 year

  7. Sir manny videos are been posted by professionals but they are marketing for earning more customer and money usually they charge very high for such treatments ,which not at all possible for common men who salary is just around 15 k month so are here for earning or for helping …
    Because manny gentleman needs help on these as u said Manny people r helpless sir

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