How to boost immunity power | Immunity boosting foods

How to boost immunity power | Immunity boosting foods – This lecture explains about the natural ways to boost immunity power in human body. Here we have discussed many ways to boost your immunity power naturally using simple diet plan. There are many immunity boosting foods available that can help you boost your immunity power naturally.
No immunity boosting supplement is required if you follow simple food habit and immunity boosting foods to develop natural immunity in your body. This video will teach you to follow simple steps to improve and increase your immunity power to fight against any kind of infection and diseases. saty tuned to this video to know more about the following –
how to boost immunity naturally?
how to boost immunity power?
how to boost immunity power naturally?
what are some immunity boosting foods?
How to improve your immunity?
how to increase your immunity?
Stay tuned to boost immunity system naturally.
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Thank you for watching the video lecture on How to boost immunity power and the most important immunity boosting foods that you can take to increase your immunity naturally.

44 Comments on “How to boost immunity power | Immunity boosting foods”

  1. Question… A beverage I often take when I feel a slight illness coming on– a congested nose, or burning dry throat (all signs for me that my body may be in early stages of fighting off a minor sickness before fever begins) is this:

    1-2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
    1-2 inch of fresh ginger root (I like ginger, more is better to me)
    1-2 Turmeric roots
    1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper
    3-4 Garlic cloves
    1/2 Lime juice fresh
    1 tablespoon Honey
    Blend all ingredients in blender and heat on stove before it boils, then drink.

    It's very delicious and makes me feel calmer directly after ingesting. I've been told by elders in my community to drink this concoction to relieve cold/flu/fever symptoms or help fight infections.

    My question is… is this truly effective to take while I'm starting to show symptoms of sickness?
    Second question, is this concoction truly effective if all the ingredients are blended and heated? I have heard that some foods lose their potency or affect if they are completely pulverized.

    Thank you anyone who has some ideas 🙏🔥

  2. No, The Medicine called "Swavanprash" is proof to boost immunity. You have to eat raw fruits and vegetable and avoid Animal protein, packed food and Allopathic medicine reduce immunity.

  3. I have been eating healthy now pretty much about year and a half. spinach pies for lunch or a yummy salad, veggie pizza no more McDonald's or pepperoni pizza cut out chips from my diet and preservatives I never felt better in my life… It works I go out to eat get side salad no fries… You can be asymptomatic or barely get sick yourself.

  4. CAC Brahmi capsules are herbal and purely ayurvedic formulation. Brahmi help Promote mental fitness, improve brain and nervous system. Brahmi is one of the world’s most powerful adaptogens. Brahmi help improve mental clarity, overall well being and Boost energy without adverse side effects. Brahmi has Cooling property which keeps the mind calm and free of Anxiety. It also promote sound sleep. Regular consumption of Brahmi strenghthen immune system. It is a good anti oxidant, anti bacterial, anti microbial and best immunity booster.

  5. my self and my lovely husband was able to eliminate our deadly virus hiv with the help of Dr ajakaja may God continue to protect you Dr Ajakaja

  6. Hai sir
    My igm levels are high(around 7) after covid for a while . I am a seafarer and I am not able to continue my profession due to this issue. According to rule it should come below 1 .

    Please help

  7. Greetings from Miami. Thank you for such informative and helpful videos. I started watching your Cytokine Storm explanation video and have found you have many great videos. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the world. Keep up the good work.

  8. As I am doing heavy exercise daily in gym as well as at home. Is it required to take protein powder or whey protein? if yes then how can I know the which one is good one because in market large number of protein powder is available which have some side effect also.

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