How To Avoid A High Pulse Rate

This guide shows you How To Avoid A High Pulse Rate
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31 Comments on “How To Avoid A High Pulse Rate”

  1. My heart rate when lying on bed or sitting is around (68-88)bpm and when i stand my heart rate is around (88-96)bpm, is these normal I'm 14 years old, please answer

  2. My heart rate was 94 resting because I was stressing out. Recently been happening I don't know why. Just beats hard and fast pulse. But this time I said NO. IF YOU HAVE A FAST PULSE RIGHT NOW BE PATIENT AND DEEP BREEEATHE . It may not seem like it but it works. Breathe in, hold it, let all out. I did 3 seconds inhale, 3 seconds hold, 3 seconds exhale. Kept doing it til it worked. Dont worry or stress. YOU ARE AND WILL BE OK!!!

    Edit: I checked, its down to 74

  3. My heart rate is 72, but I'm worried because I con constantly feel my heart beating like when you've ran up the stairs, but even when I'm lying down or walking at a slow pace etc. Would it have anything to do with high anxiety levels?

  4. Sometimes people just have high pulses mine is 106 right now I'm 28 but I am a lil overweight not on a very healthy diet and haven't been exercising lately hear rate is usually around 78 to 90

  5. Thank you very much for making this so simple. My pusle is 96 and it's scary. I know you said a woman should be 100 or less but someone told me that an adults resting heart rate should be 40 too 60. 

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