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During menopause or during periods time some women suffers from heavy bleeding problem. Most of the time this can be controlled by taking these tested home remedies. In some cases it may be due to so some medical condition as well. Make sure you visit doctor to evaluate what is going on,
Menstrual Problems
Home Remedy for Menstrual issues – Heavy Bleeding
Home Remedy for menstrual issues – Heavy Bleeding
For heavy bleeding we have 3 remedies
1.drinking coriander seeds water
2.atti marada chakke / cluster fig barks/udumbara chakke kashaya
3.aloe vera gel
1 tsp coriander seeds
2 cups water
Boil the water
Add coriander seeds to boiling water, boil until water quantity reduces to half – that is 1 cup
strain the water to a cup, and drink it warm, This is 1 dose, repeat 2 to 3 times a day.
Wash and cut 1 to 1.5 inch fresh aloe vera, scoop the gel, eat and drink a cup of water. once is enough, you can repeat twice if you have very heavy bleeding
if you are using the remedy with Udumbara/atti chakke kashaya, take once a day
Home remedies are no substitute for professional medical treatment. Swayampaaka doesn’t take any responsibility for the side effects, illness or any health issues caused due to the content /ingredients in these home remedies. Please consult your physician before you start any self treatment.

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  1. Iam having light bleeding for last 15days this month..it is not stoping yet .i suggested dr too , tablts has no use.can I use aloe vera to stop ..will it work for me mam ?

  2. Does this work if I want to shorten my period ? 😭 I was expecting some sex but instead expected this .. my period normally last 6days will this method shorten it ?

  3. ಮೇಡಂ ನಾನು ಪಿರಿಯಡ್ಸ ಆಗಿ 18 ಡೇಸ್ ಆಯ್ತು ಆದ್ರೂ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಬ್ಲೇಡಿ ಗ್ ಹಾಕ್ತಿದೆ ನಿಲ್ಲಲು ಏನಾದರೂ ಸಲಹೆ ಕೊಡಿ ಪ್ಲೀಸ್

  4. Hi Mam..
    I am having bleeding from past few months..Doctors are saying it's because of Hormonal Imbalance..they gave progesterone injection n progesterone tablets also..but still dint get result..not heavy Bleeding but it's from past few months..please suggest me as soon as possible…thanks in advance mam..

  5. I am facing perimenopause and having heavy and long bleeding . Taking hormone tablets ro stop that will any home remedy will help me in stopping thos bleeding without hormone tablets

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