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Home remedy for stomach pain during period time in women @Swayam Paaka

during periods time many women suffers from stomach pain/Menstrual Cramps,. This is due to improper diet, no exercise, and stress and lack of sleep as well. You have to get enough rest, be in sun everyday at least 20 minutes a day, eat good food. Here the ginger reduces the inflammation and give some comfort.
Here are 2 simple home remedies which helps to relieve the discomfort during the periods time. Along with these remedies you put heating pad on the lower abdomen. Apply castor oil and place the heat pad for 20 minutes. You can start doing this a week before your periods tome.
Menstrual Problems – Stomach Ache
remedy for stomach pain during periods time
Fresh ginger – 1/2 inch
water – cup
crush the ginger using mortar and pestle
add crushed ginger to the boiling water and let it boil for another 2 minutes, Turn off the heat
strain it to a cup and drink this water after meal everyday.
if you drink this ginger water every day after meals, it reduces the stomach pain and also regulate your irregular periods.
Remedy 2:
1 tsp jeera
1 cup wtaer
boil the water, add jeera and let it boil for 2 more minutes, strain it and drink twice a day.

Home remedies are no substitute for professional medical treatment. Swayampaaka doesn’t take any responsibility for the side effects, illness or any health issues caused due to the content /ingredients in these home remedies. Please consult your physician before you start any self treatment.

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  1. Anyone here who is a little experienced or a mother who can understand all this plz respond like … i am not having periods regularly and mainly i tried so many lile many remedies where all the results were positive but it didn't work for me ….. i get one month gap between my periods and bleed for more than 1 week …. its been 3 and 1/2 years i have been getting my periods … plz i am suck and tierd of this …. and i dont have my mom to ask anything bout this😞 so plz if someone could help???

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