Home Remedy For Irregular Periods | Home Remedy for Menstrual Problems

This is home remedy for irregular periods in women.
Fresh ginger – 1/2 inch
water – 1 cup
Fresh ginger – ½ inch
water – cup
crush the ginger using mortar and pestle
add crushed ginger to the boiling water and let it boil for another 2 minutes, Turn off the heat
strain it to a cup and drink this water after meal everyday.
Remedy 2:
dalchini / chakke powder 1/2 tsp
1 cup milk
Eat the cinnamon powder and then drink a cup of milk before going to bed
Remedy 3:
1 tsp mint powder
1 tsp honey
Mix it together and eat 3 times a day
Also you can see the home remedy for heavy bleeding during menopause or during periods here:

Home remedies are no substitute for professional medical treatment. Swayampaaka doesn’t take any responsibility for the side effects, illness or any health issues caused due to the content /ingredients in these home remedies. Please consult your physician before you start any self treatment.

Mane maddu

33 Comments on “Home Remedy For Irregular Periods | Home Remedy for Menstrual Problems”

  1. I have not got my periods for last 2 months..am really worried then I saw your video
    I tired the ginger drink for last 2days hope so it will work soon 🤞🏻✨( Please reply after how many days later I've got my periods?)🥺

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  4. Hi mam last month nan periods 5th Jan ge hagitu nantara 12th Jan ge unprotected sex hagitu outside ejaculated aithu…but heavy periods symptoms edya but enu periods hagila evatge 37day aithu mam montly 33day ge 34day ge 35 day ge 37day hagidu nandu so ega e drink try madadre work hagutta elva gotila but try madtini mam…

  5. Mam my baby is 7 months old n till now i got period only once right after 60 days after delivery… I did not get get period after tht… Bt now i m having back pain n little cramp in stomach …. Can i use this remedy to get my period?

  6. mam , 7 days of my period ended on wednesday , then again friday around 2:00 started to bleed for few minute , again on saturday at the same time spotted ,what is the reason for this plzz help 😢

  7. Thankyou amma it worked like magic. My period was late for 3 days and i tried the ginger water method. I had one glass after breakfast and another after lunch. By evening today i had my periods jus in one day. Thank you very much.

  8. Mam nange 7 thinglu gap agi period aguthe 1 Varsha ke nan vaysu 22 pls nange madve aglilla scanning Ella madsidivi normal bandide but periods agalla munchinindanu pls help madi

  9. 🙄🙄 PCOD thi muja 6years se period ki problem thi English Medicine khaya bina nahi ata tha, humne koi nuksa koi dr nahi shoda, humara relative ne 1 Baid ji ka bataya jo desi dawa deta hai woh be vikul FREE, Umeed 0% thi par maina 4 month dawa li to Vilkul normal ho gaya ab 1saal se jaada ho gaya dawa shood kar dobara Problem nahi hui
    Humara liya to Baid ji Bhagwan hai🙏🏽

  10. Mam
    Please tell me 1 thing
    Should I do this remedy after every meal or only after any one meal
    Mam, I am so much confused
    Please tell me
    Due to my Irregularity, I face a lot of problems in my daily life
    Please help me
    Please mam 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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