Home Remedy for Chest Congestion

In this video, Kimberly Stelzer shares a home remedy called Hot & Cold for chest congestion. We hope this is blessing to you and your family.

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**The information contained on this video are provided for educational and general purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for informed advice and care from your health care provider.

44 Comments on “Home Remedy for Chest Congestion”

  1. This video link came to my email just in time. My husband was having a hard time recovering from an illness because of his respiratory issues. So, we tried this treatment and within 3 days, he was recovered. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the information! When you say to put the oils on the patient's chest, should they be diluted? It seems like peppermint especially would burn a child's skin, but I am a novice when it comes to essential oils.

  3. Fomentations is the old fashioned word for this. One can also use a thermaphore if you don't have anyone to help you with this process. A tidbit: Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan (no longer there) were the only ones successful in fighting the 1918 flu using this method. I would do this any day over seeing a doctor or going to the hospital!

  4. I had the hot cloth treatments used on my body back in 1951 when I was in the hospital with Polio. I know that was the best treatment for me. I also had 28 penicillin shots in 3 1/2 days, I understand the shots didn't help. God Bless. Jean

  5. Why not use a electric heating pad? I understand the moisture is needed, but a preheated pad over a warm damp tea towel (sprinkled with establishment oils!) would do the same trick and less likely to accidentally cause a burn. Same with the cold part. A couple of those soft cold packs in the freezer could be used over a cool damp tea towel

  6. Thank you for caring enough to provide us with this info. Though we might hear "hot and cold" as a treatment, seeing the process is so helpful. Again thank you.

  7. This is so sweet of you to share this with us. My son has covid right now, and my daughter is sick with something else. My mom has had allergy congestion all her life, and is prone to bronchitis. I'll definitely share this with them too. We really appreciate you guys, your positivity during this pandemic, and for the resources you work hard to keep us stocked-up. Definitely some heart strings pulled here. <3

  8. Thank you, mentor, for your great tip to steam the towel instead of poaching the towel and hot water which makes it so much easier as there’s no ringing it out !

  9. Thank you for sharing this video! My family has know about this for years we have used many times on our family members. My dad used this on me when in the 90's when I had pneumonia I felt like I was going to die he did hot and cold just before we left to go to the hospital it helped me so much and I could breath so much better. They did chest x-rays at the hospital and they were perplexed that my breathing was not more labored after seeing the ex-rays I told them we had just done hot and cold and it made all the difference they just kinda of rolled their eyes in disbelief. I became a firm believer in hot and cold therapy I knew it had worked.

  10. Loved this home remedy – thank you for sharing. Next time, though, please save the music background for just the intro and outro. On my laptop, the music just made the speaking harder to hear. Cheers!

  11. That's so interesting. I've never heard of this. However, when my kids were little, several of them suffered from croop and asthma. I would turn the shower on as hot as it would go and let the bathroom fill with hot steam. I would hold them in there for a few minutes and then we would quickly go outside and breathe the cold night air. In our hot Kansas summers, I would start the car and turn the air conditioner on high and have them breathe that! It would certainly help them breathe better and stop the constant coughing. Your method might be more effective for heavy deep congestion. I will keep this knowledge in my "mental medical kit!" Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you! I have been trained in hydrotherapy and really appreciate you getting this out to people. I like to use a bath foot mat towel for the hot towel and place them in a pot on a steamer rack. They get very hot but not dripping wet so easier to work with. Having 3 is helpful. Just put them back in the steamer and use in rotation.
    Again, thank you so very much!

  13. Thank you for sharing and will use when necessary. For high fevers we use ice packs or water bottle filled with ice to place between the legs; the femoral artery begins at the lower abdomen and runs down the thighs and ends at the knees so there is a lot of blood flow that the ice cools down as the blood recirculates throughout the body. A family member had the delta variant of COVID with intermittent fevers of 101-104F and this method decreased the fever by 2-3 degrees.

  14. My grandfather would do a similar technique, but instead of hot and cold compresses, he would do hot teas and iced lemon water (no sugar or sweeteners). This helped us through many cold seasons, brochial infections and pneumonia. I will definitely add this simple, but effective, technique to our regimen come future ailments. Thank you for sharing.

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