Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth. Part of the series: Dental Health. A home remedy for an abscessed tooth is to pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile to drain the infection. Use a warm salt water rinse to ease the discomfort of an abscess at home with tips from a dentist in this free video on dental health and oral hygiene.

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  1. for me i had a little one hidden inside the gums not much worked besides painkiller, but what did work was chewing ginger/garlic( dont over use or you will dmg the gum and will hurt much more) back up is drinking ice cold water to numb it(recommend to use sensitive toothpaste and again do not over use or it will stop working) only do this when you cant take it anymore and do extra brushing with sensitive toothpaste and salt water very important(you want less irritation as possible.) good luck…

  2. My daughter is 3 year old and she is having so much pain i took her to the doctor and he just prescribed antibiotic my daughter have scheduled surgery on april 11 we have been waiting so long like 3 months I don’t understand why is the waiting our insurance already agree with everything. We just wating but one of her tooth is hurting bad . She is taking today antibiotics. The doctor told ne if her eyes get smaller take it her to the ER so what they will do? I’m just scare confused i feel terrible any help thank you

  3. Thank you for holding up the teeth. If you hadn't during the entire length of the video I might've not known it was about dentistry.

    Possibly you could work for a Colgate commerical. Holding up the toothpaste box while introduction their wonderful, great, amazing, perfect, ideal and affordable product. 🤪😉
    Otherwise thank you for the information.

  4. My dad is in icu from a abscess – the infection cut his airway off and he has had the tooth removed last week in the icu / he has has 2 more surgeries to drain the infection – last night they had to do the surgery in his neck as the infection spread down into his neck . He is intubated and sedated right now . This has been a life changing experience for my family . He is 83 years old and has always taken great care of his teeth. . He went to ER OVER A WEEK AGO THINKING IT WAS HEART FAILURE – his tongue immediately swelled up so big he couldn’t breathe . I’m so worried about him .

  5. Smoke a cigarette…? okay, np. I will, thanks man. Burn it out with Advil liqu Gels.. okay, np, I will. Overall, great video, I'm just letting others know not to smoke or they will piss it off.

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