Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and Available Treatment for Teens

When menstruation begins, some teens may not know the difference between typical menstrual bleeding and heavy menstrual bleeding. This video acts as a teen resource to walk them through menstruation and help them look for signs of an abnormal period.

During menstruation, the body increases the hormones in order to prepare for pregnancy. These hormones cause the lining of the uterus to thicken, which leads to menstrual bleeding. In this video, our gynecology experts talk about heavy menstrual bleeding, the reasons it may occur, and how they treat it.

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42 Comments on “Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and Available Treatment for Teens”

  1. '3 out of 10 menstruating people ' killed me 🤣 so politically correct
    Well, lets be honest, it is women who have periods. I never met a guy with a period.

  2. My period last for more than a month and again start after fifteen days. No doctor have been able to treat this. I tried many aayurverda too. Can you share some ideas😥?

  3. Maam my daughter is 11 yrs old…and she has heavy bleeding from last 18 days….this is first of periods…i m very afraid about it….what can i do….? She is only 11 yrs. old only.

  4. Today is the 31st day of my period..with heavy flow..iam very very sad…. please tell me what should I do🥺 and my period started after 6 months..

  5. I didn't got periods from 3 months but only spotting for 15 days….. Last month I went to doctor he put me on contraceptive for 21 days…… Now after stopping the medicine yesterday I got my periods but i have heavy bleeding and big clots too much pain in my lower abdomin and lower back. I am very scared is it normal why I got this much bleeding and very big clots. Plz reply.

  6. i always had normal period but this time it came very early and its been 7 days and the blood flow is so high idk how to deal with it

  7. Eating healthier and leafy greens helps a lot. I had fibroids but it changed when I stopped eating meats, added more vitamins like Iron and supplements and exercised more. I used to have very bad cycles. Natural supplements are great. Magnesium (Natural Calm) Cramp Bark/Pharma Kava works great for cramps. Using heating pads, drinking lots of ginger, moringa, or green tea

  8. I got my period while in lockdown so I can’t imagine having my heavy periods (changing pads every hour) in school. I can NOT imagine that. It would be like I have to be absent every month cause of my period.

  9. I totally have an abnormal period..I got my first period when I was just 11 and I was experiencing heavy flow for 3 days straight so I had to visit a doctor and after that I started having period every 2 months later and it would last for 7 days but it would be heavy flow but for about 3 to 4
    years i guess from 2018 or 2019 my period would start after 2 ,3 months but it won't stop unless I take pills to stop ..it's not even a heavy flow of period but very lighter but it would stay for 17 days or 20 days than I would take pills to stop it …AND AFTER TAKING PILLS FOR 26 DAYS I WOULD HAVE A NORMAL PERIOD WHICH WOULD LAST FOR 7 DAYS BUT IT WOULD HEAVY AS FUCK …THE FIRST 3 DAYSSS ARE NIGHTMARES FOR ME ..I AM TIRED OF IT ..I AM A 17 YEARS OLD GIRL AND I HAD DONE ALL TEST AND EVERYTHING BUT I GUESS THEIR IS NO CURE FOR IT ….

  10. I have been doing my period closing to two month now I can't go out I have take all the medicine, home remedy, rest, exercise, eat in one times a day, Eating fruit. pray to God😭,still know improved 😭 😭 I wish one day I should not experience all this anymore because am tired of swimming inside blood 😭 I want to be free by doing it normal like my others 😭😭😭😭

  11. I am 16 and I use night pads during the day, and on the first few days I go through about eight a day, then I have to wake up in the middle of the night to change once or twice to stop bleeding onto my bed. At this point I'm pretty sure it classifies as heavy periods but I don't want to go to a doctor because I don't want to have any procedures done or anything I don't know what to do

  12. Hello .. I had a implant in my arm and in October I took it out and now is december so in December the 1th I have my piriod till now it's all ready 9 day .. plz can anyone tell me why ???

  13. God watching this video gets me so stress I disliked it I mean she said not more than 7 days I have it for 10 to 13 days I am so stressed but I wonder I am doing all well the fact is I don't even get cramps or mood swings or anxiety neither period cravings …..fine I will consult a doctor MAYBE!! (never).

  14. I’m here cuz my period comes every six months for eight days every time and every time it comes it’s hella heavy and I NEED TO CHANGE MY PAD EVERY TWENTY MINUTES

  15. I got a period calender called: my calender. It is very Eritrean music for about that week I don't expect it to come on today it says

    I don't know if I have heavy periods or not but this is my 2nd so I'm not sure
    (I'm 11)

  16. I recently had one "normal" period and it happened a month ago. It was like I was in heaven, my usual heavy bleeding and nausea was absent and I could wear my smaller menstrual cup without a pad.

    My regular period doesn't give me much pain, but I do get a few pangs in the first 30 hours. I can only wear cloth pads and use menstrual cups because the disposable products get full in less than an hour. My "normal" period day is still heavier than most people's entire cycle.

    What's nice is that my cup has a milliliter measurement on it. When full, it fits 50ml of fluid. I fill this up about 7 or 8 times at least, but over half of my fluid ends up on a pad so it's hard to tell.

    I'm just happy my period lasts just over 5 days and no longer. I don't think I would have enough blood for the rest of my body otherwise. I'm 21 and have had heavy periods like this since I started getting them at age 11. Nothing has really changed except that I get my period in almost exactly 4 1/2 weeks versus 6-8 weeks when I was younger.

  17. Hi mam my mom is suffering from dengue and suddenly her peroids begin now after some time there no stains on the pad so mam can you consult what to do is it a serious problem? Pls mam help

  18. Im 31 and im suffering from menorrhagia and pcos for 3yrs.my menstruation is not stop.there are months that i have no menses but once i got my period it wont stop.theres big blood clots also.i got treatment already but after a year i come back,my menses wont stop.due to lack of financial i just wait in my bed until i die.im very frustrated already

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