Have an Irregular Heart Rhythm? Here Are Ways to Get Your Heart Back On Track

Many things can cause an irregular heartbeat, and each person is different. Some people are prone to an irregular heartbeat based on the development of their heart. Others are caused by health and environmental factors, such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other complications.

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  1. Today's the final straw. I had the best day with my kids and my mom. We got done shopping and went to pizza ranch so the kids could play the games afterwards. Out of nowhere It started. Atrial fibrillation. My heart jumps from normal pulse to 215 / 238 . Last time they had to give me adenosine to stop it. This time I was able to bear down and get it to stop b4 the ambulance got to me. I feel terrible for affecting my family like this. The only heart doc we have here has a horrible bedside manner and I have no insurance and can't get Medicaid. I'm scared. I'm tired of affecting my family,worrying them. I'm tired of going thro this. It hits at random. It doesn't care what your doing or where you are. It'll drop you. I'm just so tired. I want a normal life again. I want to be a mom who doesn't have to worry if I'm going to die tomorrow from this. I don't know what to do . This has been going on since I was a little girl. It started with a heart murmur.. as time goes on it gets worse and worse. I feel so lost

  2. My palpitations that lasted bout 2 weeks finally when away .. I just took magnesium pills from WinCo and ate some healthy food and all the sudden went away ..
    Thank Jesus

  3. When I listen, or feel carefully, I can feel that my heart is pumping like normal, then every once in a while an irregular beat happens, as in, it neglects pumping for half a second too long, then starts again as if nothing happened.

    I'm worried. Should I be?

  4. My mom has a fib and she just had a surgery done to stop it from happening so much and it didn’t work I don’t think she’s gonna be a live for much longer ifk what I’m doing in life anymore I just want it to stop

  5. im here cuz my mom passed out 6days ago due to hypokalemia and UTI. based on her labs, her calcium, potassium, electrolytes, and sodium are low as per her MD and her cardio diagnosed her with irregular heartbeat. Her chest xray shows heart enlargement also and im still anxious as we will have a ff up check after she was discharged.

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  7. They say this, but when you really need help, ghost town, in Saint Joseph MO. Been to hospital twice, should of been three towns in the last week. Shietness of breath, pains in both arms, jaw, neck, between shoulder blades. I cannot walk 50 feet without feeling like I worked out an hour and out of breath. And I can't get into see a cardiologist until NEXT MONTH!! And I've tried to be seen sooner.

    I bought a Kardia care mobile EKG and they caught my issues, but BOTH ER doctors scoffed at it when I tried to show them.

    Last Saturday I was watching the Xfinity series race and all of a sudden I just couldn't breathe. No worries tho. I get this from time to time. So I walk upstairs and by the time I get to the top, I REALLY can't breathe.

    This is different 🤔 It's never been this bad. Just can't catch my breath. So I take 2 Bayers and chew them. Go back downstairs. That's about all I remember.

    Ambulance came. Blood Pressure was 140/103 159 BPM. Hands and feet were very cold to touch. Said I looked bad.

    At the hospital they did a ton of tests, they did CT scans of the head, neck, and chest. And ran something through that made my butt and throat warm. The blood tests showed irregularities for a blood clot. So they ordered the CT scans. The ER doc thought a blood clot may have passed. Since my triglycerides were 1100 in May (680 now but still way too high)Said follow-up with my GP.

    So She couldn't see me until next month so they put me with an NP. She set me up with a cardiologist but they couldn't see me until Oct 10th. All week last week still get short of breath. Even now. I can't walk to the mailbox and back without having to rest. Had pains in chest, neck, jaw, arms, shoulder blades all week.

    I get these because of my neuropathy. But this time it's different. I've NEVER been out of breath like this.
    Heather said I woke up Tuesday at around 330am shaking violently and my head. Was so weird. Everything was in slow motion. I couldn't be me. I can't explain it.

    So I called the cardiologist that I'm set with and say "Hey, I think I'm in some trouble here. I can't get my breath. Having chest pains that I've never felt before. They are different from the other chest pains I've always gotten. "Can I be put on a cancelation list"?  Well, they don't do that. But she said if I still feel that way Monday, call back and we will figure something out.

    Last night (this was half time) it happened again. I procrastinated going to the ER again, I went cause Gage really wanted me to. My blood pressure was 140/102 with 135 bpm. Lightheaded again. Pain in Upper right clavicle. Or bone from right shoulder to front of chest. So the ambo barn said I needed to go get check out so we went.

    They ran more tests at the ER, and again everything looked OK. He said he knows I'm having the issues. I have a cardiac care mobile EKG I ordered not too long ago. So I showed him the things. And he says what I had everyone has them from time to time. In my case, I'm having way too many. My heart can't get back into a rhythm (as to always before it could I think)

    He said I needed to get with my GP and ask her to order me a holt monitor so they have had their "official" equipment. So they can catch it when it's happening.

    One minute I'll feel fine, and in the next my heart rate just skyrockets. As I'm writing this second in this sentence I'm starting to feel it. I feel light in the center of my chest. Feels like my heart wants to fly away. Then nausea. This is followed by having to take deep breaths just to get enough oxygen. Then I start feeling sleepy. 😌

    So this morning I call back the Cardiologist's office as they told me to. Different girl this time. Still super nice. Like I told them, I'm not more important than anyone else. I fact probably less important. But is there ANYTHING they can do? She said no. That she couldn't even switch me to a different doctor once my appt is set up with the one I have now. (My GP nurse just couldn't understand this. I have no idea. She said she couldn't switch. Even IF there was another opening with one sooner, she couldn't switch.

    So my GP called back and they got me scheduled to get a holt monitor on. But can't do that until the 29th. 😳

    Then add my diabetes, neuropathy, small fiber neuropathy, IBS-C Which I'm on my 3rd stomach specialist to try to figure out how to get me unconstipated. Been going on 17 months now. Have to take 2 capfuls of Miralax, 1 linzess, 2 Relistors, and two big gulps of Lactulose just to pass the little bit each day I can (I'm like 90% Constipated but can pass a little bit every other day or so. Mostly just water (sorry) If I don't do this, in a day or two when it hardens up, I have horrible pain in the lower back and sides. If I do take this every day, I HAVE to stay around a stool. I get nausea from it. BAD. And when it comes ain't no stopping it. Sometimes I'll have to go like 6 or 7 times in two hours. But it's almost all water. And we did an x-ray after I had what we thought was a good bowel movement and was still significantly backed up. Thought it could be that thing where the diabetes neuropathy has damaged the signal that says I need to go but my gastric Emptying test showing rapid dumping. Or 'dumping syndrome' where after I eat it takes the food like an hour or less to pass. Or push. Idk. Then the multiple bulged disc's that they said I have. The original problem with…..it just gets so overwhelming…it really takes it out of you.

    There's still more, but let's be honest. Who has even read this to this point? LOL, I don't blame you. Any prayers, love, light, positive vibes, anything you can send my way would be a huge help I feel. And thank you so very much to those that do. 😊 Love you all. This has scared me enough to not care about how I look. Meaning people finding me "Weird" that I've changed the last few years and have become super compassionate about love. Just loving everyone else. ❤ Doesn't matter what has happened. Forgive. Heal. Anyone, I've posted this before, but anyone I've ever wronged or hurt your feelings or was just a butt hole too, I'm sorry. I truly am. Anyone that's ever done anything to me…water under the bridge. Absolutely.  And if some just can't, that's OK too. I'm really trying to live like this. I'm just so overwhelmed with everything. And I think the docs are too. I just hope I didn't wait too late.

    If anyone has a rowing machine or exercise bike you sit down and peddle, and are selling it. Give me a holler plz.

    Edit. It's about an hour after I posted this. I re-read it like 5 times. And every time it just sounds…I'm not looking for sympathy. Like I said all of this I did to myself. If you are a younger person, TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND DIABETES SERIOUSLY!!

    This is my life. It is what it is. 🤷  Regardless if someone thinks I'm just looking for attention (which Heather and Gage and family know that's not the case. They had to make me go last night) And no one had said that. The reason I say that, is that's what I might have thought when I was younger and just more ignorant. That's probably a bad word. Cause I mean you don't know what you don't know, right? So if someone has never experienced say feeling like you just ran 10 uphill by just talking up 11 stairs or when it feels like your legs or feet are literally on fire. I never felt that back then, so I just didn't know. And things can ALWAYS get worse. Somewhere out there, millions of people have much worse pain then I do now. The difference is now I don't judge them.

    Sure I used to think "Why would you want everyone knowing your business" type of thing. Which, I think sharing medical stuff is a smart way of getting possible life saving advice. But I truly believe in the power of prayer. Prayer chains, etc. And I think the more you know about someone, if it triggers a feeling inside you rather than just blindly saying Gos, plz let them be ok", is 1000 x stronger with feelings and emotions behind it. Don't get me wrong, any is appreciated.  LoL So, when I meet the reaper PLEASE say a prayer for me. I'm not a bad person. I used to be a lot more selfish. More judgmental. Very opinionated and I didn't care how the answer made you feel. I'm nothing like that now. I was dunno. Maybe I need to be again. I don't like the attention. I don't like hospitals. If I was 80 I would go out to the woods every night and just wait. I want to be put back into the earth. No box. Just a hole and Eric. Better toss in some chapstick just in case…😬

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