Gut Health – Ben Warren's top 10 tips for a healthy gut.

Leading Clinical Nutritionist Ben Warren was invited to the Les Mills International’s office to present his Top 10 Tips on Gut Health to their team.

In this video, Ben will explain exactly what gut health is, factors that influence our gut, and share his simple but powerful strategies to help you start looking and feeling your best for life.

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48 Comments on “Gut Health – Ben Warren's top 10 tips for a healthy gut.”

  1. I love this lecture giving us practical ways to heal our gut. He is a wonderful teacher. Foods suggested are readily available. Not like other scientific confusing lectures that u cant understand the language. This lecture is extremely clear that the lay person can relate to.

  2. Ben Warren tips for gut health:
    14:09 1. breath into your stomach
    17:12 2. chew food until liquid
    20:20 3. start day with lemon & water
    31:36 4. avoid gluten containing food
    36:48 5. incorporate broths as much as possible
    40:17 6. know your transit time
    42:16 7. eat fermented foods daily
    45:52 8. daily bowel movement is a must
    48:55 9. excercise
    49:22 10. drink water,

    60kilos 1litres a day
    75 kilos-2.5 litres a day
    90 kilos-3 litres a day
    132.28 lb.-1 litres a day
    165.34 lb.-2.5 li a day
    198.41 lb- 3.0 li a day
    100.00 lb-3/4 li a day 😁

  3. You mentioned adding Magnesium levels in bath, but I can get in/out of bath, due to mobility, so is supplementing with capsuels ok? I tried Magnesium Glycitate to help with my Insomnia, but wasn't sure if its necessary. Advice needed please.

  4. Thank you 😊🙏 so much for Bepure wellness clinical educational presentation by nutritionist Ben Warren Warren really knowledgeable presentation eating healthy food 🥝🥑 for healthy gut and overall healthy brain 🧠 healthy body, healthy immune systems, great 😃👍 lectures globally presentation by nutritionist Ben Warren, thanks 😊🙏👍 more power to brilliant brain 🧠 nutritionist Mr Ben Warren

  5. Excellent presentation!
    An audience member seems to have mentioned coffee at this time code: 57:00.
    Ben, have you made a further study of coffee and caffeine since this video?

    I was planning on writing a book on the subject of coffee and the coffee trade but saw that a similar book had already been written.

    People interested in coffee and its impact on wellness might start with this very short presentation I did.
    This is Your Brain on Coffee

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  7. Gloria a Dios Todopoderoso después de muchos años, finalmente encontré alegría con la ayuda del Dr. Agboya en YouTube, el gran médico a base de hierbas me ayudó a curar mi herpes 2, con el producto de medicina herbal que pedí. Siempre estaré agradecido al Dr. Agboya en YouTube.


  8. This is the best talk and explanation of gut health I have come across since I started trying to educate myself on the subject over the past three months. So many "aha" moments and practical advice, it will be a video I will be saving and referring back to on my journey of improving my gut. Bravo!

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  10. Health is Wealth
    🍏🍊🥝🥥🍑🍇🍉🍎🍐🍊🍋🍓🫐🍍🥑🫑🥒🥬🥦🌽🥕🫒🧄🧅🫑🥒🥬🥕🥕🥑🥑🫐🫐🥭🍑 💪 💪💪💃 💃💃💃

  11. I eat one time a day, food is pain! Can't break down, don't tolerate anything, live in my bed 24/7. Tried everything for 15 years..
    But I have lyme desieses… and don't tolerate antibiotic. So I don't know what to do..
    No gluten, dairy, sugar, carbs (don't tolerate it), no fish (heavy metals), no halfe fabric, no histamine food, no E stuff.. don't know what to eat!!?sleeping problems all my life.
    No exercises cos of adrenal issues.. have mold in lungs and stomack, back pain, my whole upper body stifh..Can't breath with nose no..
    Severe fatigue!!
    I have used 150 000 dollar and never been worce 🙄

  12. All things you say about this are true but you didn't mention that gluten stimulates the opiate receptors in the brain. Toast and Jam can be are precursors to alcoholism and opiate addiction.

  13. God bless you Dr. Warren. Does one have to move to New Zealand to find a Dr. like you?
    Rockefeller introduced the mantra of “maintenance of illness” and abolished the concept of finding the source of dis-ease. You have a vocation, not only a profession. New Zealand needs to be grateful to your wife for bringing you back to your homeland. Long life to you. You are what the world needs… honest and knowledgeable. My husband needs you. Salute from NJ/USA ❣️

  14. Pedantic i know but…20 to 30 square metres is no-where near 2 to 3 tennis courts…it is around a tenth of a tennis court. The surface area of the lungs is approximately 50 to 75 square metres or about one quarter of a tennis court.

  15. Thank you Dr. Warren!! Great presentation. Took notes. Feel I have absorption problems and none of my doctors can understand why my iron is so low despite taking supplements. Will definitely put into practice these tips.

  16. I am a vegetarian and do not eat onion or garlic for about 30 years.. I have a dairy intolerance from birth and was unable to breastfeed from birth..
    I am trying too rebuild my microbiome and so I make tofu and kimchi.
    I have been using lemon in water.
    I have eyebags, and is thinking of helping my kidneys.
    Any advice on this?

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