Get your Heart Healthy by following this | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Heart disease is the cause of the greatest number of deaths worldwide, claiming almost 18 million lives every year; it’s a global threat. Our sedentary lifestyle, stress and depression are putting our hearts at greater risk.
Watch Dr. Hansaji’s three easy tips to take care of our heart and prevent its deterioration.

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38 Comments on “Get your Heart Healthy by following this | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra”

  1. It was a wonderful video. I have one question. Is there any Asana or pranayam by which we can increase the stamina of our body ? I know running is the best for that but due to a hectic schedule I am not able to do running. Pls suggest me some good ways to boost up the stamina.

  2. Hansaji it's is said the health of heart n brain is related to good sleep….it today situation night shift n extra hours of work…. suggest a routine for night shift workers.

  3. Madame vous êtes a Genius
    MashaAllah your way of calmly sitting down position, your very délicat gesture when you talk, your voice sont une Inspiration.
    Madame je vous suis et je vous Salue
    Tous mes respects pour une Grande Dame.
    La Grandeur est de donner Humainement
    Thank you and thank you again

  4. Thank sooooo much. I really needed this. You are such a blessing. I am following your videos. I am recovering from long covid. And yoga is helping me. God bless you always. Hansa ji. 🙏

  5. Nice you are very beautiful and amazing person and giving good information to make our life good l think I want to meet you and I always pray for you God bless you

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