Exercise for lower heart rate naturally & quickly (48-51 BPM, Blood Oxygen Level 97- 99%)

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How to lower heart rate quickly from 86 to 55 BPM in 14 seconds

I was a normal person who practiced MINDFULNESS MEDITATION and LONG BREATHING several times a day.

My BLOOD PRESSURE was very normal, just sometime it went naturally lower than average human range (at my age) in some levels of meditation. I don’t have any bradycardia symtom.

I eat normally, I am still not a vegetarian and pretend to like fruits and vegetables, sleep averagely less than 7 hours a day. I use self-massage technique to relax the tight muscles and help me to breathe smoother.

And without any aerobic exercise training, my RESTING HEART RATE go to the same as WELL TRAINED ATHLETES (46-55 beats/min) everyday.

MRSB Technique :
Mindfulness Meditation

Pulse oximeter PULOX PO-300

Blood oxygen levels under 90 percent are considered low and warrant immediate medical attention, according to the Mayo Clinic. A dangerous blood oxygen level, also called hypoxemia, occurs when a lower-than-average level of oxygen is circulating from the blood to the cells and tissues of the body. Normal blood oxygen levels are within the 95 to 100 percent range. https://www.reference.com/health/dangerous-blood-oxygen-level-9531efe81ddde283#

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  1. Sir please tell me natural treatment. I am suffering from inappropriate sinus Trachycardia my heart rate goes up to 140 when I walk Little and me resting heart rate will be 90-120 average. By seeing your heart rate I feeling to ask for help by you.my ecg and echo are normal and my age is 20.please help me sir

  2. good people and less good people, the world should understand once and for all the heartbeat is from 60 to 100 but indicated is from at least 67 years effort and at rest to grow a little

  3. My oxigen is 99 but heart rate 55/58 when sitting and standing or walking it goes 63/67, when do workout it goes 70,75,78. Is that absolutely fine and healthy.

  4. hi everyone,hope someone can help me,im 28 yrs old,and now im here at the clinic,they check my bp and my heartbeat is very fast,162,do u think i have a heart problem

  5. Hello my heart rate is like 80-96 while sitting but is mostly high in the mornings. When I stand up in the mornings it can reach 130bpm and when I sit down or crouch is lowers (crouching brings it to 72bpm) although it shoots back up when I stand again. After standing for a while it slows down a bit. I am mildly low in iron, I’m low in b12, vitamin d, magnesium and I have mold exposure (mycotoxins) I had an ecg and the dr said I have sinus tachycardia but I was really anxious so they told me to calm down and the ecg no longer showed sinus tachycardia. It said on the ecg that it was a normal variant of and ecg and I have no abnormal heart rhythms. I’ve had anxiety since I was 7 and I am now almost 17. I also get lightheaded and dizzy when I stand up sometimes, mostly in the mornings when my heart is beating faster. Any help? I’m scared I have a heart condition?

  6. I am writing this comment after going through several comments, I am also a part of your problem so don't feel alone, I have read these lines that "Anxiety is the result of the future, the future that has never happened. Care for yourself, no matter how busy you are, try spending some time meditating ". Ignore grammatical and punctuations

  7. so many people with low heart rates of 50-60 watching this. Like what's the use if this video says in the title it's for lowering the heart rate. Confusing.

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