Exercise For Blocked Nose In Pregnancy

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Pregnant women often complain of a blocked nasal passage. Alternate nostril breathing is a prenatal exercise which helps provide relief from this condition.

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Alternate Nostril Breathing:

• Pregnant women often complain of blocked nasal passages
• It causes difficulty sleeping at night
• Nose bleeds can also occur

Exercise Benefits:

• Alternate nostril breathing unclogs nasal passages
• It can be done in all the trimesters

Exercise Technique:

This exercise is done in 3 cycles:

Cycle 1:

1. Sit in a comfortable position, making sure that your back is erect
2. Block one nostril with your index finger and take deep breaths with your other nostril
3. Inhale & exhale
4. Take 8 such deep breaths
5. Now, repeat this with the other nostril.

Cycle 2:

1. After you have done the above cycle with both the nostrils, block your right nostril with your index finger and breathe in with your left nostril
2. Block your left nostril with your thumb and exhale with your right nostril
3. Block the right nostril & inhale from the left nostril
4. Inhale & exhale
5. Take 8 such deep breaths
6. Now reverse the steps, inhaling from the right nostril & exhaling from the left nostril

Cycle 3:

1. After you are done with the above cycle too, block your right nostril with your index finger again. Breathe in from your left nostril
2. Block your left nostril with your thumb and exhale from your right nostril
3. Keeping your left nostril blocked, inhale from your right nostril
4. As you would notice, in this cycle we are breathing in & out from the same nostril
5. Block your right nostril with your index finger and exhale from your left nostril
6. Repeat this cycle 8 times too

Warning signs:

• Pain in the pelvis, vagina, or groin
• Abdominal discomfort
• Shortness of breath
• Leakage or bleeding from the vagina
• Dizziness
• Exceptional fetal activity


• Can be done by women on bed rest
• Avoid exercising on an empty stomach

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