Ear infection home remedies (plus treatments)

What causes ear infections? How to get rid of an ear infection?

If you feel you are struggling with ear infections, this video has some useful information on ear infection remedies and ear infection treatments.

You may have a middle ear infection, an outer ear infection or an inner ear infection.

Some symptoms of ear infections include:
– earache
– slight hearing loss
– a sense of fullness in the ear
– a temperature
– nausea
– sometimes there can be drainage of pus from the ear

IMPORTANT: Avoid putting oil drops, ear drops, or cotton buds in your toddler’s ear unless advised to do so by a doctor.

You can learn more about the types, causes, symptoms and treatments for ear infections in our in-depth health guide here: https://www.medicspot.co.uk/treatment/ear-infection

If these home remedies for ear infections do not help to ease your discomfort, you can consult with a doctor by booking an appointment with a GP at https://www.medicspot.co.uk/clinics.

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31 Comments on “Ear infection home remedies (plus treatments)”

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  2. I would go to the clinic right away but we live in a society where important things like banks and clinic are closed on weekends even do people work all week and the weekend is the time we have to do those things…. But maybe I’m the crazy one

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  9. Literally just tried the tea tree on cotton bud, was instantly soothing and tbh within 3 mins the throbbing in my ear was less intense and somewhat bearable. I think it is outer ear for me. I was very careful not to go to far to make sure I didn’t damage my ear drum. Really appreciate the post, bought a lot of relief to a lot of people who where in pain. 🙂

  10. It's ok saying see a doctor. But all the NHS GPs I've seen over the last decade have just fobbed me off. without doing anything other than say pop you're ear's. What part of " it doesn't work" do they not understand?

  11. I just had my first earache in two years last night and it got cured over night so here is what I did to cure it. First, I took a paracetamol/ibuprofen, after that I put a bit of vapo rub/vicks on a cotton bud and applied not directly inside my ear but on the surface. This really made my ear infection 💯 gone when I woke up I was amazed.

  12. I'm suffering such an agonizing pain my right middle ear i struggled to sleep last night i don't know why this happen to me i assume cuz i used earbods a lot hopefully we all will recover.

  13. I got a recurrent middle and inner ear infection in my left ear due to the stress at work (I am a nurse who works in A & E). Pain was excruciating and I felt like tearing my ear off! All of the antibiotics stopped working a long time ago and then after speaking with one really clever doctor I know he told me to try a nasal spray because that is the way to reach the infection, not from the ear. I had never thought of this probably too busy treating patients! He suggested sinusoothe because he'd heard a couple of good reports about it and to lean over it when using it. well to cut a long story short it worked. I would highly recommend it even though it is expensive.

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