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This herbal concoction works very effective in controlling your blood sugar levels. It brings the glucose down naturally. The ingredients that I am using are 100% natural and are easily available. Managing the blood sugar levels is very important for diabetics. You can control your blood sugar levels naturally in 7 days. High glucose in blood will lead to diabetes and several other health issues including obesity.

Make sure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin B complex. Because when you don’t have enough B vitamins in your body, your body’s resistance to insulin increases. And also make sure you eat enough vitamin C and get enough vitamin D3 from sunlight. Because when you have low vitamin D3 and vitamin C levels, your immunity will be low. That’s why most diabetics experience calf pain, muscular pain and other pains in their joints. Make sure you include exercise in your daily routine. It could be as simple as walking or light yoga.

Links for Ingredients used in this recipe :

Srilankan Rolled Cinnamon:
US :
India :
UK :

Neem Powder :
US –
India -
UK –

Fenugreek/Methi Seeds :
US –
India -
UK –

Cloves :
US –
India -
UK –

Dried Curry Leaves:
US –
India -
UK –

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  2. Another excellent video with great details Samyuktha.
    How long do you recommend to do this? (eg 14 days/2 weeks or 30 days/1month and break and repeat after how long? Kind Regards, Andrew

  3. I am not a diabetic..However as a preventive measure I have been taking Homeopathy medicine since so many years. Now I have given one month gap. Off late, fasting sugar level has increased to 120 – 123. I have started taking this drink since 2 days and checked the fasting sugar level today and It was 109 only. I felt very happy and my confidence level increased . I will continue this treatment for 7 days and will check fasting sugar level after 7 days once again.

    My only doubt is whether the sugar level will remain within reasonable limit once the 7 days treatment is completed. Will there be any repeation of this particular treatment required and if so at what interval and how long. Should I continue Homeopathy treatment?

  4. Hey Samyuktha, my mom is on insulin(injections) for 5 years now, will it be effective on her? Also while in process of consuming this, does she need to reduce her insulin dosage?

  5. Mam….continue this remedy type 2 diabetes?
    doctors said,life long take the medicine…its true?
    this drink take type 2 diabetes without medication?
    pls ans mam…..

  6. Good Morning Mam
    This is Kishin Bhatia here
    Can you please tell me Home remedy for Black moles (in Hindi called black small small till ) on the right side of face there are many.what can I do
    Please Guide me

  7. Hi Mum
    I have seen your so many Home remedy and liked it and many of our friends got relief from your home remedy. Can you please suggest some home remedy for Enlarge Prostate in Size

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