Can you actually boost your immune system? Here's the truth | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Take vitamin C supplements when you feel a cold coming on? The problem is, you can’t actually “strengthen” your immune system, says Dr. Jen Gunter. Diving into the elegant network of cells, tissues and organs that protect us every day, she introduces two kinds of immunity that specialize in recognizing and fighting off bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins — and shares what you can do to keep your immune system healthy.

Think you know how your body works? Think again! Dr. Jen Gunter is here to shake up everything you thought you knew — from how much water you need to drink to how often you need to poop and everything in between. This TED original series will tell you the truth about what’s *really* going on inside you.

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50 Comments on “Can you actually boost your immune system? Here's the truth | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter”

  1. Big Pharma Ad Here!
    stay hydrated, exercise, don't eat process food, well balanced diet, get good rest, remove stress and I'm just a 7th grade graduate not a Dr. LOL

  2. 1) Enough Sleep
    2) Enough of the rights foods
    3) Enough Water
    4) Enough vitamin D
    5) Enough time from stress
    6) Enough healthy socialising/relationships

    That’s how you really boost it, don’t buy into this vaccine propaganda video.

  3. taking a/any vaccine has jab can actually cause weakness, CFIDS/CFS/ME – espec. when wrongly injected into a vein or artery,
    so she aint much good —- no help to me with a new virus weekly….or those with compromised immunity….thats why anti virals exist

  4. I never regret ordering Dr. Osaoji herbal products for curing my genital warts and it works like magic thanks so much sir. I want to appreciate you for his great deeds

  5. "boosting" as in catalysing the activity against the toxicity of bacteria/viruses without breaking the homeostasis. Obviously if you're having an active infection going on, there are ways that you can fix the compromised side of the body by taking vitamins and drugs that can suppress the activity of the toxins of the bacteria/viruses that exhaust the immune system. Great way of explaining the mechanism of the immunity but i don't agree that there's nothing you can do to help it heal the body without vaccines..

  6. Great way of describing how the immune system in humans actually functions. Optimal function is our immune system's default status, you can only do things to weaken it, nothing to "boost" it

  7. CAC active plus Tablet is a pure herbo-mineral formulation prepared from best quality of herbs. This tablet is best for person mental and physical health, also helps to boost up the immunity. The herbal ingredients present in these tablets are used to maintain person’s health and refreshes the mind and body. These tablets improves digestion, eliminates constipation, stress, nourishes brain, acts as antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, etc.

  8. Really? Who are you, where did you come from in your career background? How many years have you studied your work? Where is your facts and how did you come to this conclusion? Are you a self imployed individual studying this research? Are you employed by a business? Why do I have to ask these questions? Why didn't you mention these questions? Those questions are a standard of understanding credibility are they not? I would really like to know and I'm sure some others would as well. Think I'll get a reply from the content creator, other then the removal of my comment? I doubt it.

  9. We all are deficient in vitamins and minerals. I am glad I read about epigenetics. Thanks to this book, and the life changes I made, my body was able to clear a precancerous cells diagnosis from CIN-3 to completely clear with no surgery. I was also told that I have one of the viruses that cause cancer (I requested the type of strain I have).
    The sad part is that the gynecologist never asked what I did.
    I know my immune system took care of those precancerous cells.
    I didn’t just take the “magic” vitamins, I made a life style change!!!

  10. I bought some immune system booster recently and was discussing the ingredients with my gastro doctor. He told me the ingredients in the particular booster I bought would help. I rarely get sick, so it's difficult to tell if I'm literally just crapping my money away.

  11. Vaccines? Even dr Fauci said that vitamin D and good food and walking would do the trick.

    Of course Fauci told us something else onm tv, because in essence he is not much better than dr Gunter. But in secret, for himself: 6000 international units vitamin D.
    I could give you the link, but even without a link my comment will probably be censored.
    Land of the free ?? You know: a capitalist system is not compatible with good medical help for the 99% . Because sometimes the best medicins are for free. So those will not be promoted..

  12. I don't really know how to thank you Dr odija on YouTube for making me to live like my fellow mates and for curing me from diabetes…. thank you so much may God always strengthen you and your work.!!!!!!!!

  13. There are plenty of natural ways to boost immune system and actually vaccines are not the best way at all, not to mention the vaccines that were produced 20-30 years ago were a whole different thing compared to what we get now gene-therapy with limited research and unknown long-term effects, sorry but as a nutritionist I stick to my healthy diet, high quality vitamins and MINERALS, fermented foods and more instead of trying to think I can fix or maintain my immune system by one quick jab. Sorry ted but feels like a mega giant propaganda this video and a bit disappointed.

  14. That garden analogy was horrible!
    And what about the 4.5 lbs of microbes that live in and on us?
    Gut health and overall microbiome health play a very large role. Instead she's pushing vaccines…..

  15. I was able to get rid of herpes virus with herbal medication i got from Dr Osaoji, living with genital warts made me realize that herbal medication are very powerful and is of great use

  16. Synopsis: no you can’t boost your immune by taking some all natural concoction made up of vitamins, minerals, herbs, tonics, and amino acids, because that’s snake oil. But! Do you wanna know what actually works!? You guessed it! Vaccines! Those are medical miracles! Hooray 👏🏽. Wasn’t long before TedEd became part of the propaganda machine. 🙄

  17. Omg!! This is horrible, thought I was going to hear some good information. But, instead recommendations to add more poison to our bodies in the form of a vaccine!!! Total garbage!!

  18. I had stage 4. Yes had. I work 6-8 hours a day on STRENGTHENING my immune. How? Chemo had to happen then life change. New diet. Vegan. no alcohol, lowered stress lowered BMI, exercise everyday, lots of vitamins including IV vitamin C and especially meditation. All I heard from my docs was 'BOOST THE IMMUNE" Guess what? Cancer gone. I was told by my docs that VITAMIN D was the essential. So, I do not agree with this person at all. God bless all of you and work on your immune!!!!

  19. Okay first of all, the entire thing was true up until you say vax. NO they don't give your body exactly what you need, since when was foreign substances, scientifically studied, known to cause inflammatory effects, carcinogenic effects, which is the source of how it antagonizes your immune system, giving your body "exactly" what it needs? Lmao. you obviously know nothing about vaxes

  20. I find it weird that I don’t take the Flu Shot every year, last time I had the flu shot given to me was maybe more than 5 years, I’ve only Cotten the common cold like 3 years ago, and if o ever had caught the Coronavirus which I don’t think so, but if I did… I’ve never got it’s symptoms, I also never gotten tested I try to avoid the hospital or clinics at all so I also never gotten any test for it, I say I have a good immune system, also I don’t have or practice a good healthy diet

  21. oh please I am vacinated and boostered, I dont need to be patronised as well, just looking for ways to further protect myself and friends. Did you think antivaxers would change there minds after hearing this? Talk to a marketing expert if you want to do that. .

  22. Many things increase immune RESPONSE.
    mega vitamin d3,aerobic excersise,cold bursts,even positive mental attutude ,all can increase the speed and persistence of response.

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