Best tips to reduce blood sugar in women with Gestational Diabetes – Dr. Punyavathi C. Nagaraj

Gestational diabetes is a condition where a pregnant lady will have high blood sugars between 24 to 28 weeks of gestation. When they have this problem it is better to consult a gynecologist and she get the consent from the concerned doctor to reduce the blood sugar levels and to reduce the maternal and t eh fetal complications. So a woman who has Gestational diabetes better to meet a dietician to get a diet schedule, how to control her diet and how to control her blood sugar by managing a proper diet during a routine food habits. That is a way to control diabetes during pregnancy. Second is blood glucose levels are equally important to maintain the pregnancy also. She cannot cut down completely the sugar intake which leads to lot of problems to the mother and the ongoing pregnancy. To avoid these complication, she has to have proper balanced diet where the carbohydrates is very minimal and carbohydrates should be the required quantity and it should be useful for the ongoing pregnancy. So you should have a diet counseling that is very essential. Along with this the pregnancy will be having its complications, you should reduce the blood sugar levels. The main pathophysiology in diabetic patients is there is a gland called as pancreas, which produces insulin which controls the blood sugar levels. Naturally the insulin will be quite low in those conditions where we need to supplement the insulin to control the blood sugar levels. So periodically she will have to undergo the periodic checkup of the blood sugar levels. She can do it at home every alternate days if possible so that if there are any variations in the blood sugar level, she can immediately consult a doctor and bring to down to normal. So if there is high blood sugar levels, it may lead to fetal complications like the baby may grow more bigger. That we call it as macrosomia of the fetal growth. So to avoid those conditions, maintain a proper blood sugar levels, maintain a proper diet schedule, and along with that follow proper physical activities like pregnancy like stretching exercises of 15 to 20 minutes walk everyday which keeps the body system perfect, It will burn some amount of calories also. We advise such women to take a frequent small mean which contains less amount of carbohydrates and with due care the process of pregnancy will go comfortably without having any maternal or any fetal complications. So pregnancy is a condition where he woman has to enjoy the situation and we have to go accordingly followed by the advise given by the concerned consultant.

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  6. Hai madam iam 26 week pregnancy madam my fasting blood sugar level is 92 and after 75gms of sugar taken after one hour 146 and after 2hrs 101 is it normal or any complication madam

  7. Hlo mam. M 7 months pregnant hu ,,,mera blood sugar level fasting. 106 Aya h or khane k bad 146,,,,ktlya mujhe diabetes ho gai h,,,pls suggest me,,,kya krna chahie mujhe

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  9. hi mam,now I am 31weeks my baby weight is 2kgs it is normal or not…and my sugar level is empty stomach 87 and after breakfast 2hrs later 123 it is normal or not… please give some solution for me

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