Best Home Remedies For Toothache | दांतो के दर्द से पायें आराम

Best Home remedies for toothache explained in this video. This video is intended for patient education. An English version can be made available on request.

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29 Comments on “Best Home Remedies For Toothache | दांतो के दर्द से पायें आराम”

  1. Mam , for last two days i think my wisdom teeth is erupting , it painful ? Whether these remedies may be effective for wisdom teeth?? Please reply

  2. Hello mam

    Mere datta me 7 day se bhota taklif ho rahi ek side daad sada ho gya he kucha kiya but tik nahi ho raha he. Itna dard ho rah he ki bol bhi nahi pa raha hu

  3. Plz mam explain my teeth bone main is crush and all teeth is
    Pain cold and hot water so pain
    My bone is totally damage
    I m.disturb my age only 28_year
    And next year marriage plz explain mammmmm

  4. हेलो मैम हमारे वाइफ का दातों में बहुत दर्द मैं कौन सा दवा लगाएं कृपया मुझे बताएं आपका बहुत बहुत मेहरबानी वैसे मैं मैं भीम सिंह हूं मैं यूपी का रहने वाला हूं जिला सोनभद्र कृपया मुझे संपर्क

  5. After dental filling also I am still having pain in teeth, do I need root canal method as doctor had told me at the time of dental filling ??
    Or just follow these home remedies??

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