BEST HOME REMEDIES for COVID 19 Recovery| Boost your immunity for Covid 19- Remedies at 5:37 mins

Hi Everyone,

This is something I had not shared with my Youtube Family. My family and I have been down with Coronavirus since the last 2 weeks. In this video, I share with you all our Covid 19 experience and all the things that we did, all the best possible home remedies we did in order to cure ourselves at home.

We opted for home isolation for all the 7 members in my house including 3 senior citizens in my house out of which my husband’s grandfather is 96 years old.

The home remedies mentioned in this video are extremely effective in curing Coronavirus and will surely help you or your loved ones to get better and fight this disease. Please do try them and also do these as a precaution to boost your immunity against coronavirus.

Really hope this video is helpful!

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35 Comments on “BEST HOME REMEDIES for COVID 19 Recovery| Boost your immunity for Covid 19- Remedies at 5:37 mins”

  1. Its my 14th day on the herbal medication i got from Dr ogbebor herbal centre on YouTube, and i will tell you all that his herbal medicine is a life saver. all symptoms of long Covid, parosmia fatigue all gone.

  2. Thanks so much for the detailed steps on how to care. Could you also provide breakfast lunch menu which is good and easy to digest for everyone. Thanks

  3. Natural herbs from Dr Madida are healthy to treat and cure herpes virus  as it worked for me. Am so happy and grateful to Dr Madida for his help in curing me of my herpes virus.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have been practicing many home remedies also to fight my COVID. Taking large doses of vit c, d and zinc. Taking naps. Moving. Hydrating well. These remedies have helped me a lot already.

  5. Meeting you DOCTOR OKUNABA on YouTube is like meeting GOD himself because, what you did in my life is what no other doctor can do. Thank you Doctor okunaba for helping me Eradicate my COVID naturally, you are a life saver may God bless you

  6. I recommend Dr. Odion herbal remedies here for the benefit of those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases. I was cured of herpes simplex virus with the help of Dr. Odion herbal remedies on YouTube. 🌿 Contact Dr. Odion on YouTube to learn more about his herbal remedies 💯

  7. Madam must not mix honey with very hot water. It will become poisonous. Kindly refer to sadhguru talk about taking honey proper way. Thanks for your information regarding Covid-19 home treatments.

  8. I just tested positive yesterday 4/6/22 I originally took the home tests and all 4 times was negative, the second day of high fevers I went to doctors who tested positive! I feel 80% better on the 3rd day no fever, but am scared at what point will it come back and hit me hard again, no cough, breathing fine, I do have MS and am deathly scared what will happen and if I should take the therapy drugs that are out

  9. Thank u so much for this video. I dont have severe symptoms except for a little phlegm at the back of my throat. No runny nose or cough just occassional congestion specially when the weather gets cold. I tested preliminary positive when i took the rapid antigen test by myself. Im self isolating at the moment and looking for remedies just ti get rid of my non existing symptoms 🥺🥺🥺. Its really exhausting not physically but psychologically. Having to worry abt work, finance, possible decline of my health, being kicked out from my bedspace, how to support my family now that im on leave, being shun by friends and relatives, possibly being terminated permanently 🥺. Its been a week since i did the test and im scared to do it again.

  10. Am on my healing, my first day, symptoms very bad sore throat
    ,2nd day fever, 3rd-4th day crazy dry cough, but 5th days I wake up feelin better hope I gonna be OK soon. God please heal me and the rest of covid patient.Amen

  11. Finally I'm so excited after i have been cure from my Herpes virus with the herbal recommendations which i applied from DR EHIMARE ON YOUTUBE 💃💃God bless you sir and thanks for giving me the chance to live happily again.

  12. What you are for talking too much of bakwas Tel only the topic only to make video longer talking anything which is bakwas at all talk only about topic my family had covid 19 then my family had a covid 19 ,our 7members had a covid 19 only want to make viewers on YouTube and earn money that is the motive.

  13. I got cured of HSV infections sexually with a herbal medicine I got from Madida herbal center, I never concentrated on my ear problem but afterward I requested for Tinnitus treatment which I got and used and it cured my Tinnitus issues.

  14. I was able to eliminate my chronic COVID-19 symptoms permanently via a naturopathic process.

    I warmly wish to describe my grim struggles with acute COVID-19 and my rapid improvement afterwards.

    In late March, I developed a headache. I started to run a slight fever and noticed some body aches. I called my doctor, who said it was probably due to my body experiencing pregnancy changes.

    A little over a week later, I had nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, and just a few days later, there was a new, troubling symptom: I was having difficulty catching my breath.

    My husband took me to a nearby hospital on April 13, where I was admitted. Four days later, my condition deteriorated. I developed pneumonia and was transferred to The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    My obstetrician Andrew Collings, said. “I was experiencing respiratory failure due to sudden, severe pneumonia.”

    I was also showing early signs of sepsis, a potentially deadly infection of the bloodstream that can occur in critically ill patients. My doctor said that although mg initial tests for COVID-19 were negative, further testing showed a positive result: I had SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

    I did not remember much of what happened when I was at Johns Hopkins hospital. But what I did recall makes me want to cry, especially when I think about the dangerous situation I  and my unborn baby were in. “It’s still hard to talk about". It breaks my heart till now that I could not have been saved from that deteriorating situation, if it was not for the professional assistance of Dr. Harry Obego – the African, herbal practitioner of whose unique expertise in herbalism – I was able to eradicate my acute COVID-19 symptoms forever.

     Despite my supportive care at Johns Hopkins, my condition continued to worsen.

    My obstetrician had explained to me that during pregnancy, normal changes affecting the lungs help an expectant woman take in and absorb more oxygen as she breathes for herself and her fetus. When pregnant women get pneumonia, these changes can make the illness more severe.

    At first, I was treated with extra oxygen, but it wasn’t enough. My breathing became more difficult, I had to be placed on a ventilator. My care team gave me some medicine to put me in a deep sleep. Then, the team inserted a breathing tube into my throat to push oxygen into my lungs and, essentially, to breathe while I was unconscious.

    My awareness came and went. Like other patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in an intensive care unit (ICU), I experienced troubling nightmares. When I regained consciousness, I was still fearful, and it was only after calling family members that I knew the upsetting dreams were not real.

    Before my permanent recovery from this disease I had suffered bitterly from this condition, and my poor breathing had become very unbearable to a point that I felt I had been living on my last breaths. The supportive care unit I had been placed on was not as supportive towards the improvement of my health. I was dying piecemeal, and at that point in time my family was attuned to my sufferings. Researches on holistic remedies in overcoming this condition was carried out by my family members and it was during this process they were opportune to come across testimonials surrounding the professional expertise of Dr. Harry Obego, (, in the area of using phototherapy in  eradicating this condition via a naturopathic ANTI-COVID treatment recommendable for both COVID-19 and non COVID-19 sufferers. So much positive reviews were accredited to the botanical works of this African, herbal practitioner concerning the efficacy of this naturopathic remedy on an online forum – in the absolute elimination of this virus. To be precise, my family had contacted this herbal practitioner for more detailed information concerning this botanical remedy, of which he had given a clear illustration on this type of medication.

    With high hopes for a positive result and because of the urgency of my condition, my parents had patronized his products as an alternative treatment, which after a month and the completion of this naturopathic therapy I started experiencing great changes with my breathing and the preexisting symptoms I experienced ceased to occur.

    I feel so much happiness to be able share my recovery story from this debilitating disease and wish to use this opportunity to urge and relate with anyone who may come across this information and currently facing the same ordeal to find a confidant like Dr. Harry Obego in the permanent eradication of mild and acute COVID-19 cases. I wholly believe phototherapy is the right approach of combatting this virus, which is why I would highly recommend this African herbal practitioner to anyone going through the tough challenges of this disease. For further information concerning this naturopathic remedy, you can reach this herbal doctor via the above-mentioned means by email.

  15. Haldi?… What's that. Looks like some turmeric but Idk. .
    Thanks for the recipe but, I don't really understand why Indians write some ingredients in Hindi when they give a recipe by speaking completely in English.. .every other words r in English but ingredients in Hindi 🙁
    Recipe is the most important part of these videos :/ can somebody please tell them in English too?

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