At Home Care for Your Pressure Injuries

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A pressure injury (also called a bedsore, pressure ulcer, pressure sore, or decubitus ulcer) is an area of injured skin. Here are some ways to prevent pressure injuries from occurring while you are at home.

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  1. I know Christopher Reeve's sotry He broke his spine, ended up in the hospital, and then the pressure sores resulted. One of those sores caused either necrotizing fasciitis or septicemia, which then turned to sepsis, and then TSS, which eventually caused Christopher's death.

    So bedsores are something you cannot joke at all with! They need to be taken care of!!!

  2. i wonder why nobody uses a real person that's immobility and has pain and stiffness with movement? if my mom could move like this guy in the video, i would have this problem with bed sores

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