Ajwain Potli Recipe [ Home remedy for cough and cold in Babies/Kids]


Ajwain, an Indian Spice have numerous benefits that we are not aware of

Ajwain has Antioxidant Properties that helps in Boosting the immune system. It also has Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties and used to treat Cough and cold since ancient times.

Ajwain Potli works as a Natural Inhaler and helps in Soothing the throat and relieves Nasal congestion in Babies and kids

For Babies below 1 year, Ajwain Potli can be placed near baby’s Bedding at some distance. Inhaling the air can helps Baby in relieving congestion.

For Toddlers, Check if the potli is warm by placing in it your wrist and give a hot compress on Kids chest, back, feet and palms to relieve from Cold and wet cough

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Homemade cough drops recipe – https://youtu.be/-N_rRw3vnxM


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48 Comments on “Ajwain Potli Recipe [ Home remedy for cough and cold in Babies/Kids]”

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  2. In this season also can I use potli coz my daughter is 8 months old she's having cough vali sardi from past three days ..she's not able to take feed ..plz guide 🙏

    I took med but of no use

  3. How many of you tried? My baby is ten months Masha'Allah and having severe cough n cold. :'(
    Plz pray that he gets better soon. I'm so worried for him.

  4. I recently got cure of my (HSV)and (Cold sores) after the herbal medicine treatment from doctor Ehimare the traditional doctor!! Thank you dr Ehimare and you can also visit his Youtube channel for more information @ dr Ehimare on Youtube and what’s app +2349027349748…

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